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FCT Space Office


The main mission of the FCT Space Office is to fully explore the benefits of the Portuguese participation in European space programmes, including ESA space programmes.

In order to fulfil its mission the FCT Space Office is set to:

  • Monitor the participation of Portuguese academia and industry in European and international space programmes while providing recommendations relevant to the implementation of national scientific and technological initiatives and programmes;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a level of national contribution to ESA and to other international organizations commensurate with the ambitions and capacities of the scientific and industrial communities in line with public strategies and policies established for the space domain;
  • Explore the synergies established with other international organizations of which Portugal is a member and, simultaneously, promote bidirectional technology transfer to other economic activity sectors, working closely with the FCT Technology Office;
  • Promote the visibility and competitiveness of the Portuguese space sector alongside the main European and international partners.


The FCT Space Office distributes its actions among the following pillars and corresponding themes:

Strategy and Space Policy
  • European Space Policy (implemented by both ESA and the European Commission);
  • International Cooperation with space faring nations outside Europe.
Industrial Policy and Space Technology
  • Industrial participation in ESA programmes and exploitation of synergies with the industrial participation in other international organizations (namely CERN, ESO and ESRF);
  • ESA's technology programmes and the corresponding connection with the European Commission's space programmes;
  • Development of technology transfer and enterpreneurship initiatives, working closely with the FCT Technology Office.
Horizon 2020 "Space" programme, ESA's and European Commission's Earth Observation Programmes
  • Following the Portuguese participation on the Horizon 2020 "Space" programme, working in collaboration with the GPPQ;
  • ESA's Earth observation programmes, including the Copernicus (GMES) Programme.
Space Science and Space Exploration Programmes
  • ESA's Science Programme and the Exploration Programmes implemented by ESA and the European Commission


In order to pursue the success of its mission the FCT Space Office is committed to the following duties:

  • Advising the Portuguese Head of Delegation at ESA and the Government members responsible for scientific and technological areas on space related issues;
  • Monitoring of the ESA and the European Commission committees and work groups ensuring, whenever necessary, the presence of a national representative particularly in ESA's horizontal Committees (ESA's Council, the Industrial Policy Committee, and the Administrative and Financial Committee);
  • Stewardship of a close link to the scientific and industrial community in order to precisely gauge the national ambitions and capacities in technological and scientific fields relevant both to the space domain and to other synergetic domains;
  • The promotion of the Space sector, as well as of other synergetic scientific and technological activities, across society at large in cooperation with the institutions mandated with the diffusion of scientific and technological culture.


Coordination of the FCT Space Office, Strategy and Strategy and Space Technology

Luís Serina
Tel: (351) 21 391 15 60

Industrial Policy and Industrial Liaison Officer for CERN, ESO and ESRF (FCT Technology Office)

Emir Sirage
Tel: (351) 21 391 15 30

Earth Observation programmes, Telecommunications & Navigation, Space Situational Awareness and Space Exploration

Teresa Brás
Tel: (351) 21 392 44 42

ESA's Administrative and Financial Committee

Maria José de Almeida
Tel: (351) 21 391 15 29

Earth Observation and Horizon 2020 "Space" programme

Mário Caetano
Tel: (351) 21 391 15 45