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Invited Chairs

Public Call for the attribution of the Atsutoshi Nishida Invited Chair


The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and TOSHIBA Europe GmbH, Portugal branch, (TOSHIBA) launch a public call for the attibution of a programme-contract with one or more scientific institutions in articulation with universities, aimed at the co-funding of the Atsutoshi Nishida Invited Chair.

The primary goal of the Atsutoshi Nishida chair is to attract to Portugal a top level researcher currently working abroad, in order to develop and to promote emerging areas of knowledge, namely fostering the growth of research and development activities, and advanced education in the realm of digital content production and usage of technology in an educational context or in some other fields of common interest both to TOSHIBA and to the University(ties) which will be selected as host institutions.

Applications and recipient entities

Applications to the creation of the Atsutoshi Nishida chair can be either institutional or individual, within the framework of the guidelines established by the FCT Invited Chairs Regulations.

The institutional applications should always include the identification of the researcher nominated for the chair, including his/her curriculum vitae. The recipient entities are research units, associated laboratories or state laboratories in partnership with universities or other university level schools, public or private. Preference will be given to proposals which create a partnership among several university institutions.

The Atsutoshi Nishida Chair will be awarded to a researcher of international renown, who will be hired by the selected university/ies as an Invited Professor, for a period of five years. However, the university/ies must make it clear in the contract that it could be revoked in case the researcher fails to fulfill the tasks assigned to him/her.

The job description of the researchers will, in particular, include:

  1. To lead a research team in the established area and, whenever adequate, in close relationship with TOSHIBA research activities;
  2. To participate in the training of researchers and students, particularly post-graduate students;
  3. To ensure, whenever adequate, the interaction between researchers and students and TOSHIBA activities, namely through training courses and contacts with technical teams;
  4. To stimulate the connection between the Portuguese scientific community and the TOSHIBA Laboratories network and to promote activities associated with research and development in Portugal;
  5. To develop advanced education courses and programmes in related fields, namely at the doctorate and post-doctorate levels;
  6. To deliver lectures and seminars related to their specific field and to contribute to the promotion of scientific culture in their particular work area.

Proposals involving partnerships with foreign institutions in the field of science and technology and institutions of higher education will be given consideration in case they include the gradual transfer of the researcher to Portugal during the first two years, while spending more than half of his/her time in Portugal.

Optional features of the proposal

This Invited Chair targets the recruitment and accommodation of a researcher recognized by his/her peers as being an international leader in his/her field of research, or the recruitment and accommodation of a young researcher of outstanding merit.

Exceptionally additional support can be considered for researchers of a high international standard, who may wish to be accompanied by some members of their current research team and/or may want to hire a new research group in Portugal.


The funding incentives will be granted for five years, with an interim evaluation (in the second or in the third year, depending on the length of the funding period) and can be renewed once. The maximum amount of these financial incentives is the one established in the FCT Invited Chairs Regulations, namely:

  • FCT will bear 25% of the funding up to a maximum of 40000 or 60000 € per year, in accordance with the Chair being awarded to a junior or senior researcher, in accordance with the FCT Invited Chairs Regulations.
  • TOSHIBA will bear 75% of the funding up to maximum of 120000 or 180000 per year, in accordance with the Chair being awarded to a junior or senior researcher.

Call start and deadlines and effectiveness of the contract

The call will open on March 9th, 2009, and the applications in the meantime submitted to the FCT will start to be evaluated on May 1st, 2009. The deadline to submit the applications is July 31st, 2009. Nevertheless, it is possible that the selection may end before the deadline, according to the quality of the applications received meanwhile by FCT, according to the criteria specified below.

The Chair will be in effect on September 2009, or as soon as accorded with the selected proponent.

Preference criteria

The evaluation and selection of the proposals will be carried out by a panel of evaluators to be appointed by FCT, including a representative from TOSHIBA, based on the following criteria:

  1. Scientific and technical potential of the pair institutions / researcher.
  2. Conditions of integration of the beneficiary researcher of the chair, namely the framework of the proponent partnership of research units, associated laboratories or government laboratories with universities ot other university level schools and institutions, public or private.
  3. Capacity to mobilize international partnerships, as well as networks, projects and other research initiatives and cooperation in doctoral programmes.
  4. Capacity to stimulate links between the Portuguese scientific community and the Toshiba laboratories network.

Application Regulations and Guide

The regulations and the application guide are available through