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  • Updated on 27/11/2015

R&D Institutions

Team update as of 2 November 2015

Useful documents:

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submitting team updates: 29 January 2016
  • Deadline for submitting Terms of Responsability: 19 February 2016

The purposes of the R&D Units’ team updates are to establish the number of members of R&D Units who are Equivalentes a Tempo Integral (EETIs) [Full-time Equivalent], and to gather statistical information, which underpin the definition of indicators that may inform science and technology policies and strategies. This exercise also provides information that is used for justification of expenses within funding awarded by FCT to R&D units.

For each R&D unit, the following members are considered: those belonging to research teams and those on technical and administrative teams.

In 2015, R&D units also have the opportunity to describe their functional structure, set up as a result of the 2013 Review of R&D Units and, when relevant, according to the restructuring proposal of the unit’s strategic plan. Each unit is thus organised into research groups and, in some cases, into thematic strands, both of which are coordinated by a principal investigator.

The process of updating team members as of 2 November 2015, runs from 4 November 2015 to 5pm, Lisbon time, on 29 January 2016.

Team updates are carried out online by the Coordinator/Director, using FCT-SIG website. Careful reading of the guide is advised (available in Portuguese only).

To contact the Department of R&D Units, please use the following e-mail: