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Tour of Knowledge travels along Portugal Bike Tour

Science and Knowledge will be in 10 steps of the tour

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2017 Call for PhD Scholarships

Results by panel are available at the website

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CIMA team reveals a new plant species

CIMA team's research project seeks to understand the paleoenvironmental conditions, which led to the dissemination and ecological diversification of angiosperms in the Lower Cretaceous at the Lusitanian Basin.

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Science, Europe and the Mediterranean at the Ciência 2017 meeting

The session was attended by Commissioner Carlos Moedas

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More than 4.000 participants at Encontro Ciência 2017

Event could be followed online.

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FCT: 20 Years Supporting Science and Technology in Portugal

Celebrations start at Ciência 2017 and extend until Ciência 2018

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FCT - CERN 2017 Call open until 27 July

1.5M€ are available through this call

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Ciência 2017: Programme available

National Science Meeting takes place at the Lisbon Congress Centre from 3-5- July

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FCT and IGFEJ sign cooperation protocol

This partnership will allow FCT and IGFEJ to share resourcers, namely in the áreas of communication and systems.

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“Europe’s Future: Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World”

Discussion paper on the future of EU research and innovation policy presented in Brussels by Commissioner Carlos Moedas.

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