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Fellowships and Grants

Ciência 2008

2008 Call for Applications to
Integration into Research Grants
for 5000 University-level Students


As part of the government’s Commitment to Science, and under the terms of the Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources, the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) hereby invites research institutions in the National Science and Technology System (Instituições do Sistema Científico Nacional SCTN) to open a call for applications (between May and October) for Integration into Research Grants (BII) to be financed by the FCT, with the aim of awarding up to 5000 grants in 2008.


R&D institutions evaluated by the FCT, namely Research Units and Associated Laboratories, and companies and other public or private institutions recognized for their R&D activities are eligible to apply for this funding. The recipients of the Integration into Research Grants (BII) are undergraduate students of higher learning (including 1st year students) who are enrolled in public or private Portuguese institutions of higher learning and who demonstrate good scholastic performance. This type of grant is designed to foster scientific activity and the development of critical thinking skills, creativity and autonomy in students by integrating them into R&D project teams. Each grant recipient must have a doctorate level supervisor at the host institutions and must be integrated into a research project.

Students from any institution of higher learning are eligible to apply, regardless of whether the host institution awarding the grant is a laboratory, institute or research center


FCT will support these grant awards through an increase in the multiyear funding of the National Science and Technology System that it evaluates and funds, or through specific funding in the case of other SCTN institutions, namely state laboratories or companies with R&D activities. The support includes, in addition to the total amount of the grant to be awarded to the student, an annual subsidy to be paid to the host institution to be applied towards expenses associated with integration of the grant recipient. Nothing prevents the institutions, should they deem fit, to award larger grant amounts than those funded by the FCT, provided that these increases come from sources other than FCT.

The number of grants funded by the FCT may not exceed 30% of the number of doctoral degree holders in the host institution. Exceptions may be authorized by the FCT if these are duly warranted and of clear interest. In these cases the integration and supervision of the students must be ensured.

Evaluation and selection

Announcements of open calls for applications are the responsibility of the institutions that will award the grants, and these must clearly state the objective of the Integration into Investigation grants, as well as eligibility requirements, calendar of evaluation periods, selection criteria, and the sources of funding. The announcements must be published on the websites of the institutions responsible for opening the call and on the portal.

Evaluation of the applications is carried out by the institution responsible for opening the call and must take into account the applicant’s merit and his/her scholastic performance.

The grants should begin between 1 June and 1 December of 2008. The grants are one year in length and are not renewable in the same host institution, but may be renewed for one additional year in another institution.

Plans of work, reports and academic credit

The grant recipient’s plan of work must be carried out as part of a research project underway at the host institution. AT the end of the grant period, the recipient must write a report, which must be checked by his/her supervisor and presented in a public session organized by the institution that awarded the grant.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits will be established for the work carried out by the students.

Information, forms and regulations

Requests for information may be made by contacting the FCT at

The rank order list with the names and addresses of applicants selected for funding along with the references of the corresponding supervisors should be submitted at

The application form and the regulations governing the call for applications must be made available by the institutions that award the grants, and these must be in accordance with the FCT Regulations for Advanced Training available at