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2013 Call for Doctoral Scholarships UTAustin|Portugal Program

In the context of the UT Austin|Portugal Program, the national research council FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) launches a call for:

  • PhD Scholarships, taking place in Portugal and at University of Texas at Austin, in the following research fields:
    • Advanced Digital Media, in the following areas:
      • Production of Audiovisual and Interactive Content;
      • Technology;
      • Journalism;
      • Industry, Publics, and Markets.
      Advanced Computing, in the following areas:
      • Computer Science, namely in methodologies and techniques in High—performance-computing (HPC), distributed/grid computing and large-scale data analysis & management;
      • Computational Engineering and/or Science with specific requirements in advanced computing.
      Mathematics, in the following areas:
      • Algebra and Number Theory;
      • Applied and Numerical Analysis;
      • Analysis and Partial Differential Equations;
      • Geometry and Topology;
      • Optimisation;
      • Stochastic Processes and Mathematical Finance;
      • Dynamic Systems.

Dates and further information:

The call will be open from 4th January 2013 until 17h00 of 28th February 2013 (Lisbon time) .

For further information and how to apply, refer to the Announcement.