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01.10.2021 – On 30 September FCT began communicating the first results of the analysis of applications for exceptional grants submitted under the Regulations for Attribution of Exceptional Grants for Mitigation of Impacts of COVID-19 on Research Activities (Regulation no. 560-A/2021). The results already communicated to the applicants correspond to the analyses completed so far by the Evaluation Committee appointed for this purpose. It has not yet been possible to complete the assessment of all applications, therefore the results will continue to be communicated as the assessment work is completed by the Commission.

30.09.2021 - FCT publishes the constitution of the Evaluation Panel for applications for the attribution of Exceptional Grants to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Research Activities. See here.

02.08.2021 - A FCT informa que, face ao elevado número de pedidos de bolsa excecional apresentados ao abrigo do Regulamento de Atribuição de Bolsas Excecionais de Mitigação de Impactos da COVID-19 nas Atividades de Investigação (Regulamento n.º 560-A/2021) foi decidido que a Comissão de Avaliação analisará prioritariamente os pedidos cujas bolsas de investigação terminaram em 2020 ou terminarão até 31 de dezembro de 2021. Prevê-se que a comunicação destes resultados ocorra até 30 de setembro 2021.

21.06.2021 - Na sequência da publicação do Regulamento de Atribuição de Bolsas Excecionais de Mitigação de Impactos da COVID-19 nas Atividades de Investigação, a FCT publica a resposta às questões mais frequentes (FAQs) apresentadas pelos bolseiros.

17.06.2021 – A FCT informa que foi publicado em Diário da República o Regulamento de Atribuição de Bolsas Excecionais de Mitigação de Impactos da COVID-19 nas Atividades de Investigação (Regulamento n.º 560-A/2021). O requerimento para a atribuição da bolsa excecional pode ser submetido até dia 1 de julho de 2021, para o endereço . (ver Notícia).

16.06.2021 – O Conselho Diretivo da FCT aprovou, por deliberação de 14 junho de 2021, o Regulamento de atribuição de Bolsas Excecionais para mitigação de impactos da COVID-19 nas atividades de investigação (consultar aqui) tendo o mesmo sido enviado para publicação no Diário da República Eletrónico (DRE). O Regulamento entrará em vigor no dia seguinte ao da sua publicação em DRE.

14.06.2021 - Information note on the extension of research grants based on the pandemic crisis caused by the COVID-19 disease. See here.

01.06.2021 - Call for PhD Research Studentships Maria de Sousa is now open. (see News)

23.02.2021 - FCT updates the value of studentships with effect from 1 January 2021. See here.

14.04.2020 - FCT extends for one more month all the scholarship contracts it directly finances. (see news here)

17.03.2020 - FCT will extend by a month all the scholarship contracts it directly finances. This decision stems from the exceptional measures decreed by the government last March 13, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which are expected to cause constraints on the research work being carried out on the various scholarship contracts. (see news here)


Advanced Training has a pivotal importance for a National Science and Technology System of excellence with renewed critical mass, rejuvenated and creative. FCT supports advanced training through the awarding, funding and management of different research grants.

Pursuing the aforementioned purpose, FCT annually launches public tenders for the award of research grants for doctoral degrees in all scientific domains, with high levels of competitiveness and the participation of evaluation panels of recognized scientific merit. In order to address the societal challenges in priority scientific areas, FCT celebrates program contracts and protocols to support advanced training with institutions that foster or directly dedicate to scientific research and technological development.

FCT monitors the whole life cycle of the funded scholarships, supporting the fellows during their advanced training course. The funding granted by FCT for advanced training is legally framed by the Research Fellowship Holder Statute and the FCT Regulation for Research Studentships and Fellowships.

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