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Transnational Cooperation

Protocol Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia – British Council
Research Networks Programme

The Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia and the British Council Portugal invite applications for the 2009 programme from 11 May to 19 June 2009.

Procedure for applications

The British Council / FCT programme will support the participation of invited speakers from Portuguese and British institutions in thematic seminars and workshops.

This is a prioritised programme under which groups of researchers and industry in both countries discuss and develop networking prospects with the specific aim of leading submissions to European programmes, together with other European and/or world partners. It will support thematic seminars and workshops and priority will also be given to those involving early stage researchers and arising from the Treaty of Windsor Programme / Acções Integradas Luso-Britânicas.

The maximum subsidy towards payment of travel and accommodation expenses, can be expected to reach € 2000 (a maximum of € 1000 from the British Council and € 1000 from FCT). Any additional expenses should be met by the organisers.

Applications should describe the scientific objectives of the meetings / events, the list of participants / visitors with Curricula, place and duration of meetings / events, budget and requested subsidy.

Reports will be required as a condition of the award, and should be submitted within 30 days after the visits / events take place.

Priority areas

  • Genomics and Biotechnology
  • Information Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Aeronautics and Space Technology
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Environment, Sustainable Development, Global Changes, Ecosystems and Climate Change
  • Marine Science and Technology

Application submission

The application form is available on the FCT web site at

Applications can only be submitted by Portuguese institutions. Only complete applications will be considered.

The application document generated by the form should be submitted by email between May 11 and June 19, 2009 simultaneously to both addresses indicated below.

Teresa Amaro
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Departamento de Relações Europeias, Bilaterais e Multilaterais
Telefone: +351 213 911 562
Amélia Mendonça
British Council
Departamento de Projectos
Telefone: +351 213 214 506