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Transnational Cooperation


FCT partners with Infect-ERA, a network on human pathogenic microorganisms that builds on the achievements and experiences of a preceding project PathoGenoMics (PGM) (2004-2011). This new network aims at spreading its scope of action by including viruses and protozoa as study objects rather than merely bacteria and fungi as in PGM. This ERA-NET is crucial in terms of furthering earlier work, overcoming funding gaps and attaining scientific and intellectual property outcomes, which often are not obtained in a 3-year funding scheme.


15 December 2015: Pre-announcement of the call.

18 January 2016: Call opening.

17 March 2016 at 17:00 CET : Deadline for submission of pre-proposals.

End of May 2016: Communication of the results of the pre-proposal assessment (invitation for full proposal)

15th July 2016 at 17:00 CET : Deadline for full proposal submission.

Please consult this webpage on a regular basis for possible updates.

Infect-ERA 4th Joint Transnational Call - CLOSED

The Call Document contains detailed information on Call topics, participating countries and funding commitments. Please consult the documents and selected links available in the box on the right.

Call Topics

  1. The host-pathogen interactions, with regard to clinically relevant microbial clones, focused on host susceptibility (e.g., innate immune response, populations at risk, etc.).
  2. Development of innovative strategies for the diagnostic and treatment of high clinically relevant microbial infections; optimisation of antimicrobial therapy in an individual patient and development of biomarkers to allow individual response prediction.

Call main eligibility criteria

Each consortium submitting a proposal must involve:

  • a maximum of six partners, however, applicants are encouraged to include partners funded by the following funding organization: ANCSI (Romania), IWT-Flanders (Belgium) NCBR (Poland), NCN (Poland) and NKIH (Hungary). If such partners are included into the consortium, the maximum number of partners can be increased up to seven;
  • a maximum of two partners per country;
  • a minimum of three partners, which must be eligible for funding by their applicable funding organisations of the three different countries that must all be participating in this call.

Non-funded project partners may also be part of the consortia if they are able to clearly demonstrate an added value to the consortium and secure their own funding. However, the coordinator and the majority of partners in a consortium must be eligible for the funding organisations participating in this call. If one of the partners is not eligible the proposal will be rejected without further review. Please consult the Call Documents for all the eligibility criteria for this Call.

Participating Countries

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

How to Apply

1- Please read carefully the Call Documents in the box on the right.

2- Consult the National Documents available in the box on the right. Also read the specific National funding regulations of all the participating countries involved in your consortium (including your own), available in the Call Document. Non-eligible partners may lead to the rejection of the whole consortium.

3- If you're the coordinator of your consortium, access the online submission platform which is available at the Infect-ERA website to submit your proposal.

4- Each Portuguese partner (or coordinator) has to send to the Call National Contact Point a Statement of Commitment duly signed, dated and stamped by the Head of the Portuguese applicant organization and by the Principal Investigator, until 10 days after the deadline for submission of pre-proposals. FCT may latter require the original of the statement of commitment.

FCT financial commitment and funding regulations (Portugal only)

National funding commitment for the call: 400.000 €

Maximum requested funding for a consortium coordinated by Portugal: 250.000 €

Maximum requested funding for a consortium with Portuguese participation: 150.000 €

Note: if more than one Portuguese institution participates in a given consortium, the budget has to be shared. Portuguese institutions must follow FCT's Legislation, Regulations and Norms. The dedication (FTE) in transnational projects is not taken into account for the 100% (FTE) dedication to national projects.

National Contacts

Marta Abrantes
Tel: (+351) 213 911 596

Anabela Isidro
Tel: (351) 21 391 15 52

Ricardo Pereira
Tel: (351) 21 392 44 79

FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Av. D. Carlos I, 126
1249 – 074 LISBOA