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ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology

Transnational Cooperation

ERA-NET in Industrial Biotechnology: 2012-2016

FCT was a member of an ERA-NET project in Industrial Biotechnology, ERA-IB-2, which was built on the success of the FP6 project “ERA-IB” and developed the network further into a pan-European approach to Industrial Biotechnology R&D funding. ERA-IB-2 involved 19 funding agencies from 15 countries, seeking to identify best cooperation practices as the basis for the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA). This project was dedicated to promote transnational cooperation between funding agencies with research programmes in Industrial Biotechnology (IB). ERA-IB-2 has launched five joint transnational calls.

FCT participation in ERA-IB and later in ERA-IB-2 has contributed to the internationalization and competitiveness of Biotechnology in Portugal, promoting the establishment and consolidation of many collaborations. Since 2006, and throughout the seven calls launched in these initiatives, 17 projects with Portuguese participation have been funded, involving 21 teams and 8 SMEs.