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Transnational Cooperation

ERANET in Marine Biotechnology (ERA-MBT)

FCT is a member of an ERA-NET project in Marine Biotechnology, which builds on the CSA Marine Biotech project and develops the network further into a pan-European approach Marine Biotechnology R&D funding. ERA-MBT involves 19 funding agencies from 14 countries, seeking to identify best cooperation practices as the basis for the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA).

During the lifetime of the project the following activities will be carried out:

• Launch at least three thematic joint transnational calls

• Arrange a number of stakeholder events

• Promoting the dialogue between science, industry and policy

• Establish a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)

• Direct funds towards transnational teams to engage in the identified SRIA

• Perform outreach activities for seeking complementarities and avoiding overlap with other activities sharing common interests with ERA-MBT

• Develop a lasting network of funding agencies and stakeholders

• Provide relevant information in the field of Marine Biotechnology in an online and open-access portal


13 December 2016 : Launch of the 3rd ERA-MBT joint transnational call under the topic:

“Metagenomic approaches for valorization from the marine environment”

For more information see:

FCT does not participate in this call



The first transnational joint call for research projects within the framework of ERA-MarineBiotech was launched in October 2014, under the topic: “The development of biorefinery processes for marine bioresources”. The Portuguese community joined actively. Out of the 37 applications, 24 had Portuguese participation involving 34 teams and six coordinations. Finally six proposals could be funded, two with Portuguese participation:

  • MicroMBT- Discovery and training of microbial biocatalysts for biomass conversion using moving bed technology (MBT), project led in Portugal by Elin Moe (ITQB, FCT/UNL) with a requested budget of 125.000€ for the 3 year duration of the project.

  • ThermoFactories - Thermophilic cell factories for efficient conversion of brown algae biomass to high-value chemicals) project led in Portugal by Bruno Sommer Ferreira (Biotrend, S.A.) and Simão Soares (SilicoLife, Lda.) with a requested budget of 171.000€ for the 3 year duration of the project.


The second joint transnational call was launched in December 2015. 14 Funding agencies from 12 european countries have gathered a total of 8.5 Mio€ to fund competitive research projects under the topic “Biodiscovery - Bioactive molecules from the marine environment.” Out of 40 applications, 19 were recommended for funding and finally 5 projects could be funded, two with Portuguese participation:

  • CYANOBESTIY Cyanobacteria as a source of bioactive compounds with effects on obesity and obesity-related co-morbidities, project coordinated by Portugal by Ralph Urbatzka (CIIMAR, UP) with a requested budget of 200.000€ for the 3 year duration of the project.

  • BLUETEETH Marine Origin Biopolymers as Innovative Building Blocks from the Sea for the Development of Bioresorbable Multilayered Membranes for guided bone regeneration, project coordinated by Portugal by Prof. João Mano (Univ. Aveiro) with a requested budget of 200.000€ for the 3 year duration of the project.


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