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Transnational Cooperation

ERAfrica - Developing African-European joint collaboration for Science and Technology

ERAfrica is a project funded by ERA-Net Scheme of the EU FP7 (2010-2013). The ERAfrica network is a partnership of 13 funding research and technology development agencies, coordinated by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), France. The ERAfrica main objectives are:

  • To establishing a long-term framework for communication, collaboration and coordination of programme owners/ managers related to S&T co-operation from Europe and Africa;
  • To reinforcing EU-Africa S&T collaboration by promoting joint learning by African and European research programmes owners and managers and identifying relevant instruments to address more effectively the global challenges of sustainable development;
  • To developing joint funding schemes and procedures between European and African programme owners aiming at supporting joint activities;
  • To strengthening African research capacities and improve the impact of research for development in Africa.

ERAfrica - Euro-African Call 2013 "interfacing challenges": results for Portugal

  • INnovative Conservation Agriculture Approaches: Food Security and Climate Action Through Soil and Water Conservation (INCAA), project partner Gottlieb Basch, Évora University, ICAAM, 82.778€, project coordinator Germany. Countries in the consortium: Germany, Kenya, Portugal, Austria and Burkina Faso (2014-2017);
  • Tailored fermentation for delivery of wholegrain and cereal fibre-rich products: promoting dietary fiber intake in Africa and Europe (FIBRE-PRO), project partner Elisabete Pinto, Oporto Catholic University, Biotechnology School, 117.188€, project coordinator Finland. Consortium countries: Finland, Portugal, Kenya and Burkina Faso (2014-2017).

Presentation of all funded projects - ERAfrica Booklet

Euro-African Networks for science, technology and innovation where FCT participates aiming at The Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES): INCO-NET CAAST-NET Plus, CSA RINEA e ERA-NET Cofund LEAP-Agri (ERA-NET ERAfrica successor).


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