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Transnational Cooperation


FCT was member of the network FORESTERRA, since 1st of January of 2012, an ERA-NET Project involving 16 partners from 12 countries (Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Algeria), as well as 2 International Institutions, the European Forest Institute (EFI) and the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM).

FORESTERRA aims to reinforce the scientific coordination and integration of Mediterranean forest research programmes as well as scientific cooperation with Mediterranean-area countries (including EU and non-EU member states) and with countries from other Mediterranean Climate Areas (Australia, South Africa, Chile and California).

FORESTERRA has a four-step programme for achieving its objectives :

Mapping and information exchange to improve mutual knowledge of existing programmes and capacities.

Defining common strategic activities to reduce the fragmentation of the research community, avoiding overlaps and promoting synergies.

Implementation of joint activities to consolidate partnerships and develop common schemes for programme evaluation, as well as for mutual opening facilities.

• Calls for joint research projects to maximise the research impact of the network.

Transnational Calls

Calls for transnational research projects are one of the main goals of the ERA-NETs, as a mechanism for validating the cooperative effort between the various funding agencies.

FORESTERRA plans to launch two Transnational Joint Calls until 2015.

1st Transnational Joint Call is Open

The 1st Transnational Joint Call of FORESTERRA, for international research proposals on "Mediterranean-scale approach to study global change drivers, impacts & indicators on forest ecosystems and to foster forest system resilience through managing biodiversity", is organized in two sections: Collaborative Projects and Networking Actions.

The portuguese participation only focuses on Networking Actions "Understanding global change drivers, indicators and impacts on Mediterranean forest ecosystems: a Mediterranean-scale approach".

The Call was launched on the 4th of November 2013, with a full proposal submission on Networking Actions, until 15th of January 2014 (13:00 CET).

Countries that expressed interest in participating in the call were: Spain, France, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Algeria and Portugal.

Further information can be found on the FORESTERRA website


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