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Transnational cooperation

INNO INDIGO - Innovation driven Initiative for the Development and Integration of Indian and European Research

INNO INDIGO is a project funded by ERA-Net scheme of the EU FP7 (2013-2017). The INNO INDIGO is a partnership of 15 funding research, technology and innovation agencies, coordinated by the The International Bureau of the German Federal, Ministry of Education and Research – German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Germany and, and co-coordinated by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Índia. In addition, a range of observers (funding agencies) are associated with the project. The INNO INDIGO main objectives are:

  • Innovation related approaches: in the focus of INNO INDIGO are the involvement of SMEs/Industries as well as Clusters/Networks of Excellence/Competence;
  • Regions: INNO INDIGO will connect its efforts to the support of “Innovation” as a tasks mainly assisted by the “regions” in Europe and India addressing regions as funding partner;
  • Increased budget for research: INNO INDIGO will increase the budget as well as the number of participating funding organisations in Europe and India offering opportunities to tackle relevant challenges;
  • Open bilateral programmes: pave the way towards the opening up bilateral programmes for additional partners following the SFIC-Indian-Pilot-Initiative (IPI) model;
  • Visibility: INNO INDIGO will be successful when becoming a common platform for European and Indian funding organisations to finance jointly research and innovation, especially for EU countries that do not have bilateral programmes with India and develop visions on new forms of collaboration;
  • Policy driven: INNO INDIGO will translate political decisions from different sources (EU-MS, India Goverment, Regions, SME-Associations, SFIC and the GSO) into practical and tangible funding mechanisms.

2nd Joint Euro-Indian Call: results for Portugal INNO INDIGO (2015), thematic area "Diagnostics and interventions in Chronic non-communicable diseases"

  • Exploring the Volatome of NonCommunicable Diseases as a Promising Non-Invasive and Integrating Approach for its Rapid Diagnostics. The Case Study of Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases (NCDs-CAPomics), project coordinator José Câmara, Madeira University, 199.066€. Participating countries: IN, DE and EUA;
  • One Platform- Multiple biomarker detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA Detect), project participant Pedro Baptista, Nova de Lisboa University 137.660€. Coordinator IN and co-coordinator DE.

1st Joint Euro-Indian Call: results for Portugal INNO INDIGO (2014), thematic area "Clean Water and Health"

  • Affordable technology for mitigation of membrane (bio) fouling through oPtimizatiOn of pre-treatMent And ClEAIng methods (POMACEA), project coordinator Luis Melo, Porto University, 199.944€. Participant countries: LV, IN, DE;
  • Targeting the elimination of antineoplastic compounds in hospital wastewaters: novel frontiers in sustainable treatment (TREAT-AFTER-TOO), project coordinator João Crespo, Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (IBET) Laboratório de Membranas e Processos 199.914€. Participant countries: IN e BE;
  • Treatment of contaminated drinking water using a hybrid low-cost process (HyWATER), project co-coordinator Alírio Rodrigues, Porto University, 173.035€. Co-coordinator IN, participant DE;
  • Wastewater reuse: improving the odds by understanding natural attenuation (WRANA), project co-coordinator Pedro Santos, Minho University, 150.000€. Co-coordinator IN, other participant EE.


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