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2012 Call for proposals

Focusing on the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.

Deadline for full-proposals online submission
24th May 2012, 05:00 p.m (GMT)

Transnational cooperation

SEAS-ERA - Towards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes

SEAS-ERA is a network of 21 partners from 18 countries, consisting of 19 research funding organizations and the Marine Board-ESF. The general objective of SEAS-ERA is to constitute a platform for the coordination and integration of national and regional marine research programs with the main goal of developing a European overarching operational structure for marine research, related both to the European sea basins (Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black seas) and the pan-European challenges. It has started on May 2010 under the European Union Seventh Framework Programme and will last for four years. The SEAS-ERA main objectives are to:

  • Improve co-operation and co-ordination of national/regional research programmes to setting up of a European Marine and Maritime Research Agenda;
  • Mobilize competitive and non-competitive funds for research in a more coordinated way, through joint calls and common programs, respectively;
  • Propose a plan for a better and sustainable use of the existing Marine Research Infrastructures, developing a common vision;
  • Reduce imbalances among regions through human capacity building contributing for setting-up a pan-European training and mobility strategy for human resources;
  • Enhance public awareness towards marine and maritime scientific and policy issues in Europe, as well as emphasise the role of science in marine and maritime policy;
  • Call 2012

    A joint call for submission of transnational research proposals in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions was open in the three following topics:

  • A -Ecosystem approach and ecosystem models for the North Atlantic Ocean;
  • B - Risk assessment of invasive alien species - changes in marine biodiversity;
  • C -Development of indicators and science support and management tools for the determination of Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Trans-regional cooperation is highly encouraged, in particular in topics A and C, i.e. through comparative studies between the different regional approaches, comparison of methodologies and the transfer of knowledge between both regions, etc.

    Participant countries/regions are Belgium, France, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Portugal and Turkey.

    Project consortia consisting of at least three parties from at least three different participating countries can apply for funding.

    Projects must last between two and three years.

    Portuguese participation in a proposal must follow the Regulations governing access to funding for scientific research and technological development projects.

    The maximum funding for the Portuguese participation in one proposal cannot exceed 150 k€.

    For further information please consult the ERA-NET website and your Contact Point at FCT.


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