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Transnational Cooperation

Scientific Cooperation Agreement between Portugal and Slovakia

Call for joint project proposals 2019/2020




  • Application Deadline: 05 pm. 18 June 2018

FCT and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic hereby launch a call for joint project proposals from Portuguese and Slovak research teams, for the 2019-2020 period. This call falls within the framework of the Agreement for Cooperation in Science between Portugal and Slovak Republic (established in 2003).


FCT covers travel costs and stay of Portuguese researchers in Slovak Republic (2.300 €/project/year). Slovak Party finances Slovak researchers and their costs in Portugal.

Funding for the second year is dependent on submission and approval of the technical/financial report (available form on the FCT website). This report should be sent to the Department for International Relations, by the end of December, 2018.


The inclusion of young researchers in the teams is mandatory (see FAQ’s). Non-compliance leads to exclusion of the application. Priority is given to new projects and/or new teams and teams which haven’t been financed in the previous calls.


Joint project proposals must be submitted simultaneously by the Portuguese partners to FCT, and by Slovak researchers to the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic in the set format. Unilaterally submitted projects shall not be considered.

The completed project proposals must reach both sides by 5 pm (Lisbon time) , on 18 June 2018. These should include:


Proposals shall be evaluated according to the following criteria: scientific merit of the proposal; quality of the research teams involved in the proposal; degree of participation of young Portuguese researchers; suitability of the exchange of researchers to the proposed work plan.

All eligible proposals will be evaluated by both sides, and then jointly by the Joint Selection Committee, made up of members of FCT and of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. Selected proposals will meet the joint interested of both institutions.


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