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FCT Space Programme

The main mission of the FCT Space Programme is to implement the national space strategyin order to stimulate the development of the Portuguese space sector and to fully exploit the benefits of the participation in European space programmes, namely in ESA and European Commission space programmes.

In order to fulfil its mission, the FCT Space Programme is set to:

  • Stimulate the participation of Portuguese academia and industry in European and international space programmes, while providing recommendations relevant to the implementation of national scientific and technological initiatives and programmes;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of a level of national contribution to ESA and to other international organizations corresponding to the ambitions and capabilities of the scientific and industrial communities, in line with public strategies and policies established for the space domain;
  • Explore the synergies established with other international organizations of which Portugal is a member, and, simultaneously, promote bidirectional technology transfer to other economic activity sectors;
  • Promote the visibility and competitiveness of the Portuguese space sector alongside the main European and international partners;
  • Foster the use of space-enabled technologies and space-based services on a wide range of applications.


Cristiana Leandro
Tel: (+351) 21 392 44 65

Portuguese Delegation to ESA

Luís Serina
Tel: (+351) 21 391 15 60

Industrial liaison, entrepreneurship and technology transfer

Ricardo Araújo
Tel: (+351) 21 391 15 84

Earth observation programmes

Victor Silva
Tel: (+351) 21 392 44 79
Ana Sutcliffe
Tel: (+351) 21 391 76 55

Inter-ministerial and inter-institutional relations

Filipa Coelho
Tel: (+351) 21 392 44 50

Scientific programmes and Horizon 2020 Space

Cristiana Leandro
Tel: (+351) 21 392 44 65
Ana Sutcliffe
Tel: (+351) 21 391 76 55

International cooperation

Ana Isabel Reis
Tel: (+351) 21 391 15 86