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Heritage Plus

International Cooperation

Cultural Heritage and Global Change: a new challenge for Europe

Since 2014, FCT has taken on the role of national representation in the JPI CH – Joint Programming Iniciative Cultural Heritage and Global Change, integrating its Coordination and Support Action JHEP2 – Joint Heritage European Program, which ended in 2019.

In line with the overall objectives of the Initiative – aligning strategic research and innovation agendas and increasing the value of relevant investments in R&D and national and community infrastructures – Joint Transnational Calls (JTC) are launched, which can be consulted on this page.

Closed calls

2020: Cultural Heritage, Identities & Perspectives: Responding to Changing Societies

Researchers were invited to submit research proposals on the role of heritage in society from different (inter)national perspectives and value systems. This included questions such as what role heritage plays in the formation of identities, how institutions can manage heritage in an inclusive manner, and to what extent digitization contributes to meaningful access to heritage. The call aimed to support interdisciplinary research that is set up and carried out by transnational consortia within the context of a single project.

    • The call included the following topics:
    • – Rethinking the implicit role of cultural heritage in society
    • – Perspectives on and constructions of cultural heritage
    • – Cultural heritage management approaches: co-creation, connecting communities, and sustainable development goals
    • – Innovative and inclusive (digital) access to cultural heritage
    • – Impacts of cultural heritage: cultural, economic, user, public and social values

    • The amount of funding granted was 5.9 million euros.
    • Thirteen funding organizations from 17 JPI CH member countries participated in the call.
    • You can find more information about this call on its page at JPI CH website.

2019: Conservation, Protection and Use JTC

The Conservation, Protection and Use call supported research into strategies, methodologies and tools to safeguard and use the physical components of our cultural heritage. It invited research projects that took a global approach to preserving Europe’s heritage and which result in a better understanding of our history, traditions and culture, of our individual and collective identities, and ultimately of our well-being.

    • The call included four main topics:
    • – Topic one: Analysing and modelling change
    • – Topic two: Sustainable protection and enhancement of values
    • – Topic three: Management of cultural heritage at risk
    • – Topic four: Layered conservation

    • The amount of funding granted was 5.9 million euros.
    • twelve funding organizations from 18 JPI CH member countries participated in the call.
    • You can find more information about this call on its page at JPI CH website.
    • Title of the project: SHIELD: Safeguard Heritage In Endangered Looted Districts
    • Coordinator: The Cyprus Institute (Chipre)
    • Portuguese Researcher: Hugo Miguel Gomes da Silva, Inesc Tec – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência
    • Financing granted by FCT: 100.375,00€ (one hundred thousand, three hundred and seventy-five euros)

    • Title of the project: F-ATLAS – Franciscan Landscapes: The Observance between Italy, Spain and Portugal
    • Coordinator: Università degli Studi di Firenze (Itália)
    • Portuguese Researcher: Soraya de Fátima Mira Godinho Monteiro Genin, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
    • Financing granted by FCT: 117.000,00€ (one hundred and seventeen thousand euros)

    • For more information on these and other projects funded under this JTC, check the call page on the JPI CH website.

2014: Heritage Plus JTC

The research topics on which the Heritage Plus Call has focused have been drawn from areas identified in the Strategic Research Agenda for the Joint Programming Initiative in Cultural Heritage and Global Change.

    • The call supported projects across three broad topics:
    • – Safeguarding tangible cultural heritage and its associated intangible expressions
    • – Sustainable strategies for protecting and managing cultural heritage
    • – Use and re-use of all kinds of cultural heritage

    • The amount of funding granted was 8.7 million euros.
    • Fifteen funding organizations from 15 JPI CH member countries participated in the call.
    • You can find more information about this call on its page at JPI CH website.


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This initiative has received funding under the 7th Framework Program for JHEP (grant agreement ID 277606) and for HERITAGE PLUS (grant agreement ID 618 104) and under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for JHEP 2 (grant agreement ID 699523).