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Research Infrastructures

Latest News

  • 10.07.2020 - Concursos para recrutamento no âmbito da coordenação de infraestruturas de investigação do Roteiro ESFRI, para exercer funções em Portugal (1) e em Itália (2):

    1. Diretor Executivo do projeto “IS_MIRRI21” (H2020), relativo à implementação da Infraestrutura MIRRI – Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure, que terá a sua sede europeia na Universidade do Minho.
    Mais informações: link
    Submissão de candidaturas: até 22 de julho

    2. Diretor Executivo da Infraestrutura EPOS ERIC – European Plate Observing Sytem - European Research Infrastructure Consortium, da qual Portugal é país fundador. Local de trabalho: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Roma.
    Mais informações: link
    Submissão de candidaturas: até 20 de setembro.

  • Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures – 2020 Update (available here)
  • Call for 2021 ESFRI Roadmap Update (until 9 September 2020)
Luísa Ferreira / MCTES


State-of-the-art research facilities underpin cutting edge research and innovation, by bringing together human and material resources to tackle ever increasingly complex problems across all scientific fields.

Modern day science requires multidisciplinary teams, sophisticated network-based equipment and the capacity to generate, store and analyse enormous amounts of data. Research infrastructures such as radiation sources, biological data banks, earth and space observatories, imaging systems or clean rooms for the study and development of new materials or nano-electronics, provide the basis on which new knowledge and innovations may develop.

As part of its mission, FCT supports research infrastructures of strategic interest that sustain scientific and technological advancements and strengthen the scientific R&D&I community in Portugal, thus stimulating their active participation in European and international projects. Regular updates and periodic reviews of the infraestructures network ensure that Portugal and its regions stay internationally competitive.

In this section you will find information on FCT funding and support for research equipment and infrastructures.