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Research Infrastructures Roadmap

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16.05.2016 - The call for funding of research infrastructures included in the Portuguese Roadmap is now open. The 39 research infrastructures included in the Roadmap are invited to submit an application on the Balcão 2020 website, according to the instructions in the Notice of the call. More information is available on the Portugal 2020 website.

11.03.2016 - The 2016 Roadmap of the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) includes 21 ESFRI Projects, comprising both distributed and single-sited facilities. Read the Strategy Report here.

16.12.2014 - Results of the Call for National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures:
(pdf) | Full List of Final Results (Excel)

FCT supports research infrastructures (RI) of strategic interest, to underpin scientific and technological advances and bolster the capacity of the R&D community in Portugal to be an active member of European and international projects.

The term “research infrastructure” refers to facilities, resources and related services that scientific communities use to develop cutting-edge research and innovation in specific fields, from social sciences to engineering and life sciences. It encompasses large-scale research installations, arrays of scientific equipment, collections, archives and databases, computational systems, communication networks for open access. These may be single-sited, distributed over several locations, cities or countries, or virtual, that is, provided electronically.

Core to any research infrastructure is its capacity to provide services to national and international scientific and educational communities, as well as to businesses and industry.

Towards this goal, a call for research infrastructures (RIs) to be included in the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance was launched in 2013. The FCT call mapped and assessed existing research infrastructures, identified national priority areas and brought Portugal into the group of European countries who have produced their own national roadmaps, in alignment with the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastrucutres (ESFRI), set up in 2002.

Forty research infrastructures are included in the publication National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance. The setting up and support for the roadmap, for the 2014-2020 period, proceeds through a three-phase process:

  • Next phases, review and update of the Roadmap

    The implementation of the Roadmap (Phase 2) and its revision (Phase 3) entail a detailed mapping exercise of the needs, assets and gaps in the different scientific areas, with the underlying assumption that the selected research infrastructures should ensure the means necessary to perform competitive, high quality research, of international standards.

    To perform this analysis, FCT will set up working groups in each area of the National Strategic Roadmap call. These groups will work in close collaboration with an especially-designated, international Monitoring Committee, whose role is to monitor the implementation of the Roadmap.

    The activity reports of the working groups and the opinions of the Monitoring Committee will be taken into consideration in the next review/update of the Roadmap.

    The input of the scientific community is critical for the revision of the Roadmap. FCT will provide support to teams wishing to submit new proposals at the time of the roadmap review.