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FCT supports the scientific community in Portugal through a range of funding schemes, tailored for individual scientists, research teams or R&D centres. Through its funding schemes, FCT supports graduate education, research and development, establishment and access to research infrastructures, networking and international collaborations, conferences and meetings, science communication and interactions with industry.

Scientists from all nationalities, and in any research area, may apply to FCT for funding.

Funding Schemes

This section lists the range of grants, studentships, fellowships, prizes and other schemes available, including international opportunities. Typically, schemes are launched through competitive calls for proposals, which are evaluated through rigorous peer-review by independent reviewers. For a list of calls that are now open, as well as those that have closed, visit the Calls section.

Studentships and Fellowships

Personal awards for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. Includes PhD studentships in industry and other types of fellowships for graduates, covering different career stages.

PhD Programmes

Research-based PhD programmes, set up by higher education institutions (HEI), R&D Centres and/or industry.

Career Development

Support for recruitment of top researchers into R&D centres in Portugal.

Project Grants

Different types of grants to develop cutting-edge research projects, in all areas.

R&D Institutions

Core and strategic funding schemes for R&D centres evaluated by FCT.

Research Infrastructures

Re-equipment schemes and support for setting up and maintaining a national roadmap of research infrastructures.

International Opportunities

Access to international funding and network schemes (including Horizon 2020) for collaboration with scientists abroad.

Scientific Community Support Fund

Funding for science-related activities: meetings, publications, scientific societies, and others.


Funding for specific topics, via agreements with national and international organisations.


Recognition and reward of work carried out in any research area.