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The information may be unavailable due to the results not being approved or confirmed. In particular, when a call includes regions where projects are cofunded by EC funds and others where that is not the case, confirmation or approval may be not simultaneous.

Call for Exploratory Research Proposals under the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program - 2017

Technology, Management and Policy

    Painel de Avaliação - Concurso para Financiamento de Projetos de Investigação Exploratória no âmbito do Programa CMU-Portugal - 2017
  • Daniel P. Costa
  • Douglas H. Fisher
  • Tamara Rezk
  • Peter Wells
  • Tom Lenaerts
  • Kazuhiro Kosuge

Policy and Technology Analysis of Waste/Biomass Residue Gasification for Energy Production in Portugal. Paulo Sérgio Duque de Brito, Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre (IPPortalegre). €96,000.


DoubleChain — Supporting ubiquitous and fully decentralized supply chain<br> operations through blockchain technology. Pedro Sanches Amorim, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FE/UP). €64,890.