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The information may be unavailable due to the results not being approved or confirmed. In particular, when a call includes regions where projects are cofunded by EC funds and others where that is not the case, confirmation or approval may be not simultaneous.

Call for SR&TD Project Grants - 2017



Identification and characterization of Chlamydia trachomatis virulence proteins. Luís Jaime Gomes Ferreira da Silva Mota, NOVA.ID.FCT - Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT). €239,075.


Find targets for Clostridium difficile infection control. Mónica Paula Fernandes Serrano Miranda, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). €238,612.


Identification of novel quorum sensing signals in the mammalian gut microbiota. Karina Xavier, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (FCG). €239,849.


Targeting efflux pumps in drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis: an approach to prevent efflux-mediated resistance and boost therapy in active and latent tuberculosis. MIGUEL VIVEIROS BETTENCOURT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). €239,318.


Bacterial ABC-type Multitask Energizers: one ATPase fits all? Isabel de Sá-Nogueira, NOVA.ID.FCT - Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT). €238,794.


STOPneumo - Targeted approaches to contain pneumococcal disease. Raquel Sá-Leão, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). €239,261.


Role of the peptidoglycan hydrolases in the interaction of Streptococcus pneumoniae with an infected host. Sérgio Joaquim Raposo Filipe, NOVA.ID.FCT - Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT). €239,792.


Clinical significance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall structural diversity: contribution to novel mechanisms of antibiotic resistance and relevance towards tuberculosis progression and treatment. Maria João Gracias Fernandes da Costa Catalão, FARM-ID, Associação da Faculdade de Farmácia para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (FARM-ID). €238,647.


Fostering the development of new probiotic therapeutic approaches for the tretament of candidiasis through the exploration of lactobacilii-Candida interference mechanisms. Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira, Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e o Desenvolvimento (IST-ID). €238,326.


Development and evaluation of a surfactant-hydrogel for preventing direct contact transmitted infections. Alexandra Isabel Cardoso Nunes, Associação para Investigação e Desenvolvimento da Faculdade de Medicina (AIDFM/FM/ULisboa). €239,956.


Staphylococcus epidermidis adaptation to nitric oxide produced by the innate immune system. Sandra Carvalho, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). €236,523.


Fighting Staphylococcus aureus - Peptidoglycan amidation as a new target. Rita Gonçalves Sobral de Almeida, NOVA.ID.FCT - Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT (NOVA.ID.FCT). €239,900.


A new model system to functionally characterize gut microbiota colonization and interaction with innate immunity. Luis Manuel Valla Teixeira, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (FCG). €239,980.


The RNA-binding protein Hfq interactome in the human pathogen Listeria monocytogenes: piecing together the elusive role of a virulence regulator. José Marques Andrade, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). €238,073.


Molecular and cell biology of imipenem resistance in the human enteric pathogen Clostridium difficile. Adriano O Henriques, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). €239,862.