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The information may be unavailable due to the results not being approved or confirmed. In particular, when a call includes regions where projects are cofunded by EC funds and others where that is not the case, confirmation or approval may be not simultaneous.

Call for Proposals for Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects in all Scientific Domains - 2010

Architecture and Urban Studies - Urban Studies

    Painel de Avaliação da área de Arquitectura e Urbanismo - 2010
  • Daren Robinson
  • Wilfried Wang
  • Anne Vernez-Moudon
  • Ruth Conroy-Dalton

Planning of tourism spaces in coastal areas (ESPACETUR). Carlos Manuel Batista Cardoso Ferreira, Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território da Universidade de Lisboa (IGOT/Ulisboa/ULisboa). €121,020.


Potential Land-Use Ecological Plan. Application to Portugal. Maria Manuela Cordes Cabêdo Sanches Raposo de Magalhães, Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA/ULisboa). €180,620.


PERCOM - Equity and efficiency in the urbanization process: a land readjustment execution model. Maria Beatriz Marques Condessa, Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e o Desenvolvimento (IST-ID). €100,968.


FRURB - Managing Flood Risk in Urban areas in a global change context. António José Dinis Ferreira, Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (IPC). €155,113.