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logotipo da Fraunhofer Portugal

GoPORTUGAL - Global Science and Technology Partnership Portugal

Fraunhofer — Portugal Program


Research of Practical Utility. Fraunhofer Portugal promotes applied research of direct utility to private and public institutions and of broad benefit to society, by managing and coordinating the cooperation of its research centers with:

  • Other Research Institutions – such as universities and other relevant Portuguese or non-Portuguese research institutions, as well as Fraunhofer Institutes and other research centers integrated in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft knowledge network;
  • Industry Partners – clearly perceived and understood as the main customer group, we are developing partnerships and cooperation agreements with private and public enterprises, as well as participating in business associations;
  • Supporting Partners - Government Institutions and other Institutional partners.

Main Areas:

ICT, health, retail, energy, agriculture, water management.

Fraunhofer Portugal Centers:

  • AICOS: focuses on developing market-oriented, applied research solutions in the scientific field of Human-Centred Design, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems and has a client portfolio with a broad range of areas, such as health, agriculture, retail or energy. Services available: Rapid Prototyping; Innovation Studies; Education & Training.
  • AWAM: Sustainable Crop Production; Water Treatment; Biomass Energy. Services available: Development and application of new process technologies in connection with comprehensive data analysis and modeling in order to close regional loops of nutrients, water and energy.

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