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GoPORTUGAL - Global Science and Technology Partnership Portugal

UTAustin — Portugal Program


Address a number of knowledge areas where scientists and companies in Portugal engage with the University and other institutions in Texas in multidisciplinary research and technology transfer and commercialization.

Main Areas:

Advanced Computing; Nanotechnologies; Space-Earth Interactions; Medical Physics; Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship | UTEN


  • Education: variety of educational opportunities for Portuguese students, academics and industry professionals ranging from lectures and thematic workshops to advanced training courses and research exchanges.<
  • Research: collaborative research projects, targeting important societal challenges, involving researchers at UT Austin and Portuguese scientific organizations, in close association with other institutions, researchers and companies worldwide. Large scale, cross-cutting research projects and Exploratory Research Projects to jumpstart high-impact potential research activities of international strategic relevance;<
  • Innovation: activities to launch and accelerate Portuguese start-up companies, providing target stakeholders with mentoring and professional guidance on corporate structure, strategy, business model development, and training professionals and entrepreneurial teams, facilitating their access to employment, market and funding opportunities, and network growth.

Watch the video below about UT Austin Portugal | 2019 Strategic Research Projects.

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