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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Engenharia Civil

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Centro de Investigação em Ciências da Construção (CICC) [CIVE-Centro-Coimbra-4003] visitada em 27/11/2007

Classificação: Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
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CICC was initiated in 2005 only. It is split into three research groups working on construction and focusing respectively on numerical methods, experimental research and technological research. It is a relatively small unit, with 10 researchers associated with it in 2006. The Construction Technology group is quite strong; the other two currently less so.
The unit contains some young and dynamic researchers, well lead. Nonetheless, fuller attention to setting out and implementing a clear unit research strategy would be helpful. It is not clear, for example, whether the unit has any kind of external advisory board, although there are clearly good industrial links (e.g., in cork) – see also below. Unit objectives are rather general; group objectives tend to be project specific. It would be helpful to take a step back and look more broadly at promising research directions in the discipline as a whole.
There are strong links with industry, as manifested in the 4 million Euros of funding obtained for new experimental facilities. However, the unit will have to be careful to ensure that paying for the upkeep of this building does not lead them into taking on large quantities of commercial consultancy at the expense of research.
There is a sound record of externally funded research, including FCT. There seems to be less evidence of major internationally funded research collaboration, although there is some international collaboration. There is membership of national and international professional bodies and a record of conference organisation.
Most research groups are achieving a reasonable level of publication in internationally recognised journals, although arguably not in the very top international journals.
PhD numbers have been relatively low but are growing. There is a strategy in place to encourage publication of work arising from PhDs.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Grupo de Investigação em Construções [RG-CIVE-Centro-Coimbra-4003-100]
Grupo de Investigação Experimental em Construções [RG-CIVE-Centro-Coimbra-4003-102]
Grupo de Investigação Numérica em Construções [RG-CIVE-Centro-Coimbra-4003-101]