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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Psicologia

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Centro de Investigação em Psicologia - CIPsi [PSY-Norte-Braga-1662] visitada em 09/01/2008

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
At first sight, this unit, which is structured into four groups, appears impressive in terms of its organization, numerous publications (including in international journals), large number of Ph.D. students, sophisticated equipment, copy editing support, excellent leadership, etc.
Group 1783, with less equipment, staff, and students is actually the strongest in terms of productivity (publications in highly rated international journals) and coherence of the research questions addressed. Moreover, the smaller number of Ph.D. students ensures that they are well-supervised and working in coordinated fashion on mainstream research questions.
The same is not true of the other three groups showing some weaknesses that changed our overall impression. These other groups present themselves more as what they would like to be than as what they are in reality. The international publications are not necessarily in good journals and a number of them have appeared in a journal co-edited by a member of other Units which are indeed better.
The number of topics is also much too broad to be investigated as part of an effective research program. We offer these reservations to encourage improvement in these groups.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Basic Research Domain [RG-PSY-Norte-Braga-1662-1783]
Outstanding international publication record
Education Research Domain [RG-PSY-Norte-Braga-1662-1785]
Active research group (10 PhD researchers): very good previous productivity: 6 articles in Journals with IF, 4 int. publ; 2 E. publ. in books; they supply for 3extra years; Received excellent funding for former projects.
Organization of and participation in more than 13 national congresses. No international congresses. More international contacts, collaboration and congresses required.
Former training excellent: 12 PhD 57Master theses completed. Good international mobility programs and graduate training Networks.
Conclusion: expectations for realization of the new project objectives are realistic but the dimension of the group might just be too large to accommodate all researchers.
Health Research Domain [RG-PSY-Norte-Braga-1662-1784]
This large group (15 PhD's and many more since then; actually too many) reports a substantial number of international papers, it seems to be successful in attracting funding, has been able to produce a large amount of master theses, and participates in an international PhD training network. The group is also present in several international editorial boards of journals. The group also seems to have a spelled out research program for the future. The only concern is that the group focuses on 3 different research fields, which may be too much. They should continue to focus their research.
The group is very proud but we regretted that they were more proud of their equipment than of the problems they were working on.
Society Research Domain [RG-PSY-Norte-Braga-1662-1788]
Very good group in which the responsible PI and the coordinator of the unit function together very well. However, the approach of this group seems much too diverse, and we are not sure that the people who are present are qualified for what they would really like to do, i.e. social psychology. They might need to re-think some of their objectives.