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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Psicologia

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Instituto de Psicologia Cognitiva, Desenvolvimento Vocacional e Social [PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192] visitada em 11/01/2008

Classificação: Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This very large unit is composed of old and new groups. The coherence is achieved more at the level of quality than in terms of content. The problems investigated are quite diverse and most of the groups adopt an applied perspective.
The number of new Ph.D. students has increased tremendously and we have concerns about their supervision and the large spread of topics they will be involved in.
At least in the presentation, the number of international publications has increased but we had the impression that people were less concerned about the number than about the quality of what they were publishing.
Although it does not have an impact on the overall rating, it should be said that one group (1204) is excellent whereas another (1159) is poor.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Applied Cognitive and Social Psychology [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1152]
Of a large team (10 doctoral level researchers), only one has a credible international track record, with several papers published in leading journals -- mostly psychophysiology. The remainder have mixed but mostly very limited or no international exposure of their research. The idea of bringing together experimental cognitive psychology and social psychology together to illuminate significant research questions is worthy and certainly has potential but we do not see where the credible social psychological input is coming from. Moreover, there is no clear focus to the research programme; instead it seems a loose collection of interests, ranging across a number of disparate topics. No PhDs completed but eight masters, though the topics of these confirm the impression of a disparate array of activities rather than a well-coordinated programme. Is the title of applied cognitive and social psychology just a convenient umbrella for people pursuing what are in reality independent interests?
Cognition, Emotion, Learning and Career Development [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1153]
This group seems to focus mainly on Career Development. In this domain it seems to do some good work. Few publications and only nationals’ ones.
Development, Education and Contexts of Intervention [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1159]
The panel could really identify the topic of this group which is also very poor at a methodological level.
Health and Well Being in Educational and Professional Contexts [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1160]
Focus too broad. On the edge of reaching international level, but too little output of that level yet. There has been a large increase in Ph.D. students and, with the exception of the line on well-being that is clear, we are afraid that the students will work in many non convergent directions. Like in the other groups of this unit, the clinical aspect may overload the students.
Psychosocial Transitions in Developmental and Multicultural Systems: The Quest for Quality [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1161]
The focus for the future is around psychosocial issues related to transitions in the life course and it has been clearly presented with different approaches. Their plans include producing an edited book plus some international journal articles but previous performance does not give great confidence that they will achieve a meaningful international impact. Past performance does however suggest that the group is capable of supervising doctoral students through to completion.
Relations, Development & Health [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1142]
This group has quite a number of Ph.D. students but it is unclear how they are distributed among the staff members. Great (too great) importance to communications in congresses. Importance to Portuguese books. Increasing number of international publications but it is still rather weak.
Research Lines in Cognitive Neuroscience [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-192-1204]
This group is excellent at all levels.