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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Economia e Gestão

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Centro de Investigação em Turismo, Inovação e Serviços [ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4031] visitada em 21/11/2008

Classificação: Fair

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This is a quite large unit in a private university, where many members do not have a permanent position. Most of the PhD researchers are not publishing (in fact, they have never published) in international peer reviewed journals. When they do, it is often either in relatively low ranked reviews and/or in reviews of other scientific areas (applied mathematics, computer science, agronomy, medicine). This unit presents some serious weaknesses:

• The leadership seems to be friendly but ineffective. There are no rules to belong to the research unit: the coordinator insists on a good CV as a criterion, but without saying what is a meant by a good CV.

• There is a large heterogeneity of too many research groups, with a lack of international publications. The presentation of the unit and the ensuing discussion gave the impression of a conglomerate of researchers working at best on linked themes, without research programmes (except possibly as regards the research group on entrepreneurship and innovation), and looking for quantity rather than quality. The general impression is that the unit researchers do not seem concerned by a common project in the unit so as to improve the quality of the research.

• Only a few PhD researchers have some publications in Economics or Management journals of rank B or C. In the research group on Economy and Tourism, for instance, none of the PhD researchers has any publication in peer reviewed journals, the sole such publications (three, in good international journals) being authored by a non-PhD researcher of the central bank. These papers are devoted to Taylor rules and sticky prices, with no apparent relation to tourism (in spite of the remark of the group coordinator that prices might be sticky also in the tourism industry). Most researchers are scientifically inactive: an impressive total amount of production but principally directed to local publications (local review and local books) not to recognized journals. For an overall number of 35 PhD researchers in the unit, there is only half a dozen publications in recognized medium ranked journals.

The positive point is the relatively good presentation of the group “Entrepreneurship and innovation” by a young coordinator with a real project. Nevertheless, the aim of this group is to understand the entrepreneurship in Portugal and Latin America, its scientific production remaining very descriptive and published in books which are edited by the Lusíada University.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Economy and Tourism: Regional, National and International [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4031-1660]
Entrepreneurship and Innovation [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4031-93]
Quantative Methods and Quality Management [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4031-1659]
Sustainable Development of Tourism and Services [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4031-92]

Comentários da unidade

The new research unit on Tourism, Innovation and Services started its activity in 2003. We are very surprised and unhappy with the evaluation result. Tables 1, and 2 show our Unit Research (UR) performance during the evaluation period from 2003 until October 2008.
TABLE 1: Unit Indicators (2003- Oct 2008)
Integrated Researchers PhD: 35
Invited Researchers PhD and MSc: 38
Masters finished: 83
Masters in progress (in course): 43
PhD finished. 40
PhD in progress (in course): 32
TABLE 2: Unit Production (2003- Oct 2008)
RG 1: Sustainable Development of Tourism and Services
B: 23
CB: 49
IPR: 159
NPR: 64
PCR: 124
OP: 66
EO: 12
PC: 82
RG 2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
B: 15
CB: 1
IPR: 21
NPR: 0
PCR: 25
OP: 0
EO: 6
PC: 0
RG 3: Quantitative Methods and Quality Management
B: 9
CB: 2
IPR: 42
NPR: 1
PCR: 16
OP: 10
EO: 0
PC: 37
TOTAL: 117
RG 4: Economy and Tourism: Regional, National and International
B: 11
CB: 6
IPR: 7
NPR: 7
PCR: 7
OP: 16
EO: 2
PC: 14
Total UNIT
B: 58
CB. 58
IPR: 229
NPR: 72
PCR: 172
OP: 92
EO: 20
PC: 133
TOTAL: 834
EO - Event Organizations
IPR - International Papers with Referees
NPR - National Papers with Referees
OP - Other Publications
PC - Porters and Communications
PCR - Papers in Conference Proceedings with Referee
Our Unit Research is mainly devoted to the scientific area of Tourism and Management that are very needed for the development of Portugal. However, in the report only the economic evaluations are mentioned. We would like to see our work analysed by researchers with background in Tourism.
We are very surprised with the comment “there is a large number of researcher in the Unit”. We agree with this comment but we did a special effort to follow the instruction of FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) that units should have a large number of researchers.
The report only makes general comments without any reference to tourism and to our research. The specific comments do not exist.
We would like to know the criteria, the parameters and weights used to judge our unit and its four groups.
We refuse the humiliating evaluation with some comments that are not true. This evaluation was badly conducted and made by professors that do not have expertise and knowledge on Tourism, Innovation and Services. Tables 1 and 2 show the reasons of our deep indignation.