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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Ciências Jurídicas e Ciências Políticas

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Núcleo de Investigação em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais /Research Unit in Political Science and International Relations [LAW-Norte-Braga-656] visitada em 01/02/2008

Classificação: Excellent

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
The research unit is particularly impressive for its past productivity, for its visible scholarly and personal cohesion and for the ambition of its on-going and future commitment. The components of the unit appear all to be highly qualified and determined to pursue their activities within NICPRI. They have the knowledge, the preparation and the drive to make them quite successful. They are specialised but on the other hand they tackle important subjects in international relations and European integration and to a lesser extent in political science. The panel has no doubts that the unit is, with ISCSP, the top centre in international relations in Portugal. It also has good international connections and is cultivating them in a forceful way. The unit has identified a clear set of goals for the period between now and 2010 concentrating on the pursuit of excellence in postgraduate tuition. The unit is indeed attracting some of the most talented and motivated postgraduate candidates that Portugal has to offer in this field. These postgraduates will no doubt become an important reservoir for the future strengthening of the academic and scientific capacity of the unit. Whilst awaiting decisions on future funding, the unit has not at this stage developed specific activity targets besides their two core activities, namely, postgraduate teaching and the further publication and growth of their journal, Perspectivas. The unit should be encouraged to expand their vision for specific activities regardless of current funding constraints. The unit needs to be somewhat more precise and better focussed in identifying the activities and specific research topics they want to carry out. This would probably assist the unit in formulating research goals and strategic activities. The panel was impressed by the unit’s level of productivity. The unit has a clearly defined research focus and well integrated research projects and cohesive research objectives about which its members have clearly given considerable thought.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Europe, Society, Citizenship and Global Dynamics [RG-LAW-Alentejo-Evora-656-1232]
Research Unit in Political Science and International Relations [RG-X-LAW-Norte-Braga-656-1195]
State, European Union and International Relations [RG-LAW-Norte-Braga-656-1229]