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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Economia e Gestão

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Unidade de Investigação em Desenvolvimento Empresarial - UNIDE [ECO-LVT-Lisboa-315] visitada em 22/09/2008

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This is a very large unit consisting of 77 PhD researchers, divided in 5 research groups.

There is one group which has a (very) good research record: Finance. The leader of this group, Prof. Azzim has created a good research climate and the group has been able to attract a substantial number of good researchers.

The other groups are weaker. The Management research centre (Prof. Paulo Rita) has not a clear focus yet. This center covers too many topics. The accounting research centre is small but ambitious. Research in economics (ERC) will have to be developed. In the StatMath centre we have been confronted with research in the area of psychics-economics, a relatively new and promising area.

The positive aspects of this unit are numerous, justifying the rank VERY GOOD attributed to it by the panel:
 This unit is very well located.
 The critical mass of researchers is clearly reached, probably already exceeded.
 The unit leadership is well ensured, by the dean, the unit coordinator and the group leaders, who are very active publishing researchers.
 There is an incentive scheme towards good quality international publications.
 There is an important flow of completed PhD.
 Some groups are clearly involved in seminar and conferences organization.
 Some groups have a lot of publications in rank A international journals.

Our feeling is however that this unit may be too large. Also, its main weakness is the heterogeneity within and between groups. Some groups are relatively small but exhibit a good international publications record, whereas other groups are quite large but have only a few rank A or B publications.

The panel members agree on the idea that this unit should establish some rules for membership, based on the research activity by applicants, so that its productivity per capita may raise compared to its rather low current level. Selection of researchers and a better allocation of research money and particularly research time are highly required. We strongly suggest in this respect to allocate more time/money to the Finance Research Center. We also suggest to attract some ‘research leaders’, for some of the other groups, particularly Management Research (MRC).

The researchers should spend more efforts to publish in the better journals. Instead of publishing more they should publish better. The attention for publication in local/national journals and conference proceedings should be redirected towards more serious research outlets. The visits to national/local conferences should be redirected to international conferences with an outstanding reputation.

It is also suggested to increase the participation of PhD-students in EDEN-seminars organized by the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management.

Leadership is in good hands (Elizabeth Azevedo Reis).

A final (and crucial) problem which might concern the FCT, even more than UNIDE, is that many of the 77 (now 88) PhD researchers are not publishing at all, while they are part of the basis for determining the amount of funding to be allocated to the unit. Since it is quite lengthy to assess the publication record by just looking at the CVs one after another, the panel has asked for a nominative list of publications during the period 2003-2006. According to the list which has been communicated by the unit, there are only 44 PhD researchers who have published in any peer-reviewed journal during this four-year period, and some of them have only published one paper. This illustrates two points: the necessity for the FCT to define precise criteria to enter the basis for funding allocation and to control the conformity with these criteria of the listed unit members, and the necessity for UNIDE to establish membership rules and to moderate the present heterogeneity of individual performances.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
ARC - Account Research Centre [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-315-2488]
ERC - Economics Research Centre [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-315-2472]
FRC - Finance Research Centre [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-315-2518]
MRC: Management Research Centre [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-315-2480]
StatMath - Business Statistics and Mathematics Research Centre [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-315-2132]