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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Engenharia Mecânica

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Unidade de Gestão e Engenharia Industrial [MECH-Norte-Porto-221] visitada em 03/04/2008

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
The unit currently has 6 PhD FTE researchers and 7 PhD students. For most of the period under review, the size of the group was 5 PhD FTE personnel. The unit produced 5 PhDs during the evaluation period.
The research topics covered by this group include:
• Software Engineering (Information Systems Group)
• Data Mining; Information Systems Design (Information Systems Group)
• Services Engineering (Information Systems Group)
• Performance Assessment (Operations Research Group)
• Quality Management (Operations Research Group)
• Heuristics (Operations Research Group)
• Applied Statistics (Operations Research Group)

The group published 16 international journal papers during the period, which corresponds to a production ratio of 0.67 journal paper / PhD / year. Four book chapters and five text books have been produced during this period as well
The funding level for this unit is relatively low; however, there is some reasonable percentage of funding from sources other than FCT.
The Industrial Management and Engineering Research Unit was recently reorganized into two groups: Information Systems and Operations Research. The unit has articulated well defined goals, objectives and metrics for success. In particular, the unit is commended for efforts to address real-world problems and maximize the opportunities for collaborations. Results from both groups have demonstrated that a number of pragmatic topics are being addressed. The unit has also demonstrated that they are capable of conducting multidisciplinary research, and publishing it in high quality international research journals. The researchers appear to be quite strong and energetic, and the graduate students are enthusiastic about their work.
In the relatively short time since the reorganization, the group has developed some reasonable international collaboration and some external (non-FCT) sources of funding. It is expected that significantly more external funds from a variety of sources (e.g., industry, EC) will be generated in the future. Such funding is necessary to support students to conduct research. Other sources of student funding including scholarships for the students should be pursued.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Information Systems Group [RG-MECH-Norte-Porto-221-1665]
The focus of the Information Systems group is to address problems raised by end user requirements when utilizing information systems or when analyzing data to support decision making in organizations. Their work on designing web based services from a marketing perspective is quite interesting and novel. What is particularly innovative is that they are linking the design of the services to the implementation. There is a clear connection between the two, but it has not been exploited in the past. Improving web based systems and human interaction with those systems provides an excellent platform for significant future projects. Other research targeting the use of real-time data for improving mass transportation effectiveness may have some long reaching impacts on society. Such projects should be able to be well funded by the European Community, and the researchers in this area are strongly encouraged to focus their efforts on large scale funding from government (Portuguese and EU) sources.
Operational Research Group [RG-MECH-Norte-Porto-221-1666]
Several researchers in this group are developing capabilities that will be in demand in the near future, and should be capable of generating significant international visibility, external research funding and journal publications in international journals. For example, the research addressing the assessment of Portuguese secondary schools is quite good; such assessment is needed not only in Portugal, but in many other nations as well. Research targeting quality management and design, as well as the research integrating lot sizing and scheduling also have tremendous potential, and the team is strongly encouraged to partner with other universities and industry to secure 7th Framework EU funding.