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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Psicologia

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CINEICC - Centro de Investigação do Núcleo de Estudos e Intervenção Cognitivo-Comportamental [PSY-Centro-Coimbra-730] visitada em 10/01/2008

Classificação: Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This unit is very heterogeneous. Groups 1324 and 1326 have a long history with many PhDs. students (35 presently) and publications of high quality. The training is also unusually excellent and demanding. It requires theoretical studies and applied work on the field. Nevertheless, the graduate students are totally satisfied by the training they receive. The only regret we have applies to many units and groups in the country. The groups investigate too many problems, which is a loss of time for the supervisor and trainees, and which is also a brake for the research. Imagine that 35 persons are working on their personal project!
The other groups in this unit (1328, 1331) are completely different. They lack Ph.D. students and international publications. Moreover, they are very defensive towards any suggestions by the panel and took them mainly as criticisms. For instance, we suggested collaboration with very good teams in Porto but this suggestion was more than rejected.
In this particular case, it will be important to take into account the quality of the different groups because they have an enormous influence on the overall rating of the unit.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Clinical Sexology - Biological, Psychological, Social and Cultural Determinants of Sexual Behavior [RG-PSY-Norte-VilaReal-730-1326]
Like group 1324, this one has many doctoral students, and here again, research is divided into 4 parts. Many of the comments for 1324 apply to this group. They have international publications but should target their results to better Journals.
Cognitive-Behavioural Models, Social Rank Theory, Psychopathology and Health [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-730-1324]
The group has 6 PhD's and a large group of 24 non-PhD's. It has a wide research focus and it emphasizes adapting research instruments to Portuguese as an important research goal. It reports a moderate number of international papers, quite a number of them are in the Int J Clin & Health Psych, which is a Spanish/Portuguese/English journal which is not widely known outside the Iberic and South American audience.
The wide focus is distributed into 4 directions. All the doctoral students work in these directions while maintaining a clinical practice/training. Excellent overall direction.
Neuropsychology and Cognitive Assessment [RG-PSY-Centro-Coimbra-730-1328]
Social-Cultural Psychology, Social Cognition and Health [RG-PSY-Norte-Maia-730-1331]
One student but no International publications. Little outside links.