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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Economia e Gestão

Unidade de I&D

EDGE - Estudos de Gestão - Centro de Investigação, Estudos e Serviços [ECO-Norte-Porto-4096] visitada em 03/12/2008

Classificação: Fair

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This unit was created one year ago, with PhD researchers who are still quite young. It comprises 3 groups in Marketing, Strategy and Organization Studies, in Quantitative Methods and Operations Management, and in Accounting and Finance. It depends upon the University of Porto, but it has PhD researchers from the University Portucalense and from the University of Aveiro, in addition to many invited and assistant researchers. More than 30 members are reported but only 7 seem to be involved in research. All the others are intensively teaching in the programs of the university management department. Most unit core members did not attend the panel visit, since they were said to be teaching. The general impression we had after the visit is however that only a few PhD researchers (possibly, the 7 publishing researchers) feel concerned with the unit destiny. The consequence of this situation is that, in the Accounting group for instance, most of the publications are due to some “other researchers” in the group. Globally, the record of publication is poor anyway.

The second problem with the unit is that it has not yet clearly defined its objectives concerning its size and its position in the department. This may account for the poor presentation of the unit by the coordinator. After discussion, some interior and environmental problems seemed to be identified by the coordinators of the research groups, but there was some hesitation about further steps. Clearly, there are however urgent strategic choices to make, otherwise the unit may well have no future. The institutional context within the department has to be clarified, especially concerning the teaching load issue. There are no organized seminars, one invoked reason for that being the lack of time (as an example, the coordinator himself is teaching 18 hours per week).

In spite of these unfavourable conditions, the unit has some publications in international journals, even if they are of rather low rank (C or lower). Two papers have been accepted for publication in reviews of rank B, and the publication trend looks positive.

The coordinator seems to be aware of the situation, although she demonstrates some defeatism. The panel has finally decided to rank the unit as FAIR, even if there seems to be some potential in its active part (probably less than one fourth). In spite, or rather because, of this potential, a reasonable suggestion is that this active part of the unit try to negotiate its entry in the economics center resulting from the merger of CEMPRE (unit 277) and CETE (unit 459).

Sobre os grupos de investigação
Accounting and Finance [RG-ECO-Norte-Porto-4096-2848]
Marketing, Strategy and Organisation Studies [RG-ECO-Norte-Porto-4096-2850]
Quantitative Methods and Operations Management [RG-ECO-Norte-Porto-4096-2849]