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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Matemática

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Centro de Análise Funcional e Aplicações [MATH-LVT-Lisboa-4032] visitada em 21/02/2008

Classificação: Very Good

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Sobre a unidade
The unit CEAF contains a single group with 22 members. Members of CEAF work primarily in functional analysis and its interplay with some other areas of mathematics. CEAF has been formed in part from previous groups: Operator Theory, Banach Algebras and Applications (RG-X-MATH-LVT-Lisboa-822-428) and Harmonic Analysis, Operator Theory and Applications (RG-X-MATH-Algarve-Faro-822-753), which have been discontinued.
This is a very good, productive unit (99 journal publications), whose research is of high quality. The group has an excellent advisory board and an active weekly seminar. Members have graduated a reasonable number of PhD's (nine from 2003 to 2006). On the other hand, many publications seem to have had little impact (as measured by citation numbers), there seem to be few invitations to be plenary speakers at international conferences, and much of the work is quite classical. The unit is a very good one, but does not generate the same level of excitement as the units we have classified as excellent.
The group has a very reasonable level of international contacts, has organized one meeting per year during the review period, and has a moderate number of external grants (two). Portugal is a small country and a group like this needs support to keep in touch with active centers worldwide---and they have the capabilities to take advantage of such support. The unit could profit by involvement in more functional analysis "hot topics" and could use their advisory board (perhaps expanded) to help in this task.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Análise Funcional e Aplicações [RG-MATH-LVT-Lisboa-4032-2920]

Comentários da unidade

1. The participation of the Group in the Department of Mathematics Ph.D. program at IST was not sufficiently valued by the Panel despite the fact that, in terms of successful Ph.D. theses, the Group was very active in comparison with other groups in the Department.
2. The comment that the work is quite classical ignores the fact that a number of papers were published in top journals such as Journal of Functional Analysis and Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society whose editorial policy is aimed at recent developments and wide audiences.
3. It was not recognized that the major part of research was about very active topics in Functional Analysis such as Factorization Theory (particularly the Riemann-Hilbert factorization of non-rational matrix functions, applications to Mathematical Physics) and Theory of Function Spaces with non-standard growth (with variable parameters and operators acting therein). Both areas developed substantially in the last two decades, the CEAF members being among the strongest contributing research groups worldwide, which can be verified by keyword search in MathSciNet or ZMATH Online Database.
4. There is a sentence that we can hardly accept: "The unit is a very good one, but does not generate the same level of excitement as the units we have classified as excellent". This sentence has a tremendous subjective charge and, maybe, the absence of experts from the area of Functional Analysis in the Evaluation Panel has something to do with it. So, we suggest to include someone working in this area of Mathematics in a future Evaluation Panel.