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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Economia e Gestão

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Classificação: Good

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This research unit is relatively small (12 PhD researchers) and has a quite heterogeneous level of publications, with mostly journals of rank C or less, but a few better publications in Marketing and Strategy, as well as in Information Systems. The unit is organized in 4 research groups.

The “Finance and Accounting” group has 4 core members, 3 affiliated members and about 10 PhD students. The research productivity is good for a rather small team, which probably more or less coincides with the “Finance and Accounting” department of ISEG. There is a significant publication record in medium ranked journals like Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Real Estate Economics, Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. The group research agenda is an extensive list of topics in finance of various importance. It would be nice to have more information on the group priorities. There is also a good supervising activity although concentrated on Master theses.

The “Marketing and Management Strategy” group is also small (6 members) but active, with a rather good record of publications in good and medium ranked journals like Journal of Management Studies, Environment and Planning, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Journal of Marketing Channels, Journal of Customer Behaviour and Advances in Consumer Research. There is a good supervising activity of master and PhD students. The objectives for future research are well documented and convincingly precise in four themes (consumer research, services marketing, inter-organizational relationships, channel and brand management).

The recently created group “Information and Operation Systems” is very small, with 2 core members. We cannot evaluate the degree of involvement of the so-called “other PhD members”, some of them having previously acted as consultants in IT companies. The publication record is promising in good journals like European Journal of Information Systems, Information Systems Research or Information and Management but most (9 among 11 papers) concentrated on an author who has only a secondary affiliation in ISEG (principal affiliation: University of Virginia) and is consequently classified among other PhD researchers. The research objectives encompass a classical but important range of management issues, e.g. Information systems in SME, Organizational changes due to the impact of IT, E-management. A better focus would be more realistic.

The last “Organizational Behavior and Human Resources” group could not be smaller, since it has only one core member. The publication record is not at an international level. This is probably due to the fact that the center is quite recent and must cover the whole standard field in management, because of what it is required in a Business School. The group seems to be rather isolated in the HR scientific community even in Lisbon city. What are the available academic resources of this field in Lisbon?

Sobre os grupos de investigação
Comportamento Organizacional e Recursos Humanos [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4027-1577]
Finanças e Contabilidade [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4027-1574]
Marketing e Estratégia Empresarial [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4027-1575]
Sistemas de Informação e Operações [RG-ECO-LVT-Lisboa-4027-1576]