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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Psicologia

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Unidade de Investigação em Psicologia e Saúde - UnIPSa [PSY-Norte-Paredes-4103] visitada em 08/01/2008

Classificação: Poor

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This unit, composed of two groups, is presenting itself to FCT for the first time. It presents an important series of problems but the main one is that we did not encounter a potential leader at the intellectual level who could reorient or organize the groups.
One problem is that the research topics have not been selected on the basis of a particular criterion, be it practical or theoretical. The unit wishes to study a lot of (too many) different problems, but, according to the members themselves, these were chosen on the basis of “a survey of new research projects”.
Presentation of the projects was not done according to hypotheses. Obviously the researchers have no hypotheses given the way they selected their specific “research projects”. The projects were presented in terms of the number of publications that would come out. Clearly those involved have very limited experience in publishing scientific papers. Indeed, previous publications are very rare. Moreover, presenting a project in terms of (precise!!!) number of publications shows limited knowledge in research.
A third difficulty is that the problems studied are often limited to translation, adaptation, and validation of existing instruments. What is astounding, however, is that some of these instruments are so universal that they do not need adaptation and validation (e.g., Stroop task). Moreover, some requirements are completely unreasonable for what is being done (e.g., a rat lab).
As said before, the greatest problem with this unit is that there is no potential intellectual leader among the members. This lack of leadership is important since this is a group with very restricted experience of research.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Psychobiology [RG-PSY-Norte-Paredes-4103-1143]
Risk and Resilience [RG-PSY-Norte-Paredes-4103-1144]