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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Ciências Jurídicas e Ciências Políticas

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Centro de Investigação da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa/Research Centre of the Faculty of Law [LAW-LVT-Lisboa-4017] visitada em 28/01/2008

Classificação: Fair

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
The unit is one that was established very recently and this was reflected in its plans. Individually, the scholars that are members made a very favourable impression on the panel. As yet, however, there is little sense of cohesion among the members. In other words, the panel was unable to get much of a feel for what the groups can do as members of the unit that they are unable to do individually. The panel therefore felt that while its members showed considerable promise, their application for funding was a little early. The panel recommends strongly that the members consider what they can do as one or several teams and define what they can do to establish collaborative themes and projects. The panel is confident that the unit will be successful in achieving this because it is aware of the strengths and potential of many of its members individually considered. The most promising of the groups in the unit appeared to be the one concerned with international relations and cooperation with Portuguese-speaking Countries (4017-66), whose representative spoke confidently about the group’s ideas for forthcoming projects. Almost equally as encouraging were groups 4017-64/65, dealing with legislative reform in Portuguese speaking countries and new areas of jurisprudence. Here too, an acceptably clear idea exists about the objectives and targets that the group members wish to attain together. The tuition output of the unit is considerable but lacks diversity as it appears to target predominantly PhD candidates from Brazil. In a brief encounter with some of the students it became clear that some of the research facilities and support offered to the students could be better. The students seemed to be motivated by the standing and also international reputation of their promoters rather than the existence and support offered by the centre.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Ciência e Teoria do Direito/Legal Theory and Jurisprudence [RG-LAW-LVT-Lisboa-4017-63]
Direitos Emergentes/New Trends in Law [RG-LAW-LVT-Lisboa-4017-65]
Internacionalização e Cooperação Lusófona/International Relations and Cooperation with Portuguese-Speaking Countries [RG-LAW-LVT-Lisboa-4017-66]
Investigação Aplicada/Applied Research [RG-LAW-LVT-Lisboa-4017-64]

Comentários da unidade

The research centre of the Faculty of Law of the Lisbon University was recently created. The scientific board saw the research centre as an instrument to foster cohesion among professors and researchers and to take individual research carried by its members to new international standards.
Anyway, we believe that the Evaluation Panel disregarded regulations on the assessment of research units, essentially because we could not find in the General Comments any references to legal criteria, mainly, scientific output, publications (books, articles), thesis’ supervision and ability to attract graduated students. These elements, if taken into consideration, would have led to different results.
In fact, the Faculty of Law of the Lisbon University is world-wide known as a leader institution in its field of knowledge, attracting each year hundreds of students, both graduate and undergraduate. Its publications of books and articles in all fields of law could be documented in our report and be easily found in libraries. As a sign of this kind of international recognition, professors are invited to lecture throughout all continents. Hence, the research centre was designed precisely to reflect these long established dynamics in the form of a vibrant environment of focused collective research.
We expected a better knowledge of a reality, which the international Evaluation Panel should have taken into account.