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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Ciências da Terra e do Espaço

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Centro de Geo-Sistemas - CVRM [EASP-LVT-Lisboa-94] visitada em 03/02/2009

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This Unit specialises in the field of natural and secondary resources. It has a broad range of research interests which would exceed the norm for a Group elsewhere. However, we note with approval their identification of three strategic areas for the development of future research plans. The Unit is very well funded having raised substantial funds in the period 2003-2010 and is led by a scientist with an established reputation in this field. The Unit has a very good range of international products including ISI publications, involvement in EU programmes, organisation of international congresses, international partnerships for training and other institutional and industrial partnerships. The Unit provides an excellent training environment, commented on favourably by their current students, and is able to attract students from other institutions.

The Unit has a functioning, informal management structure

The space facilities are not up to international standard and we have concerns about safety in some laboratories.

Recommendations to the Unit
As viewed from an international perspective the Assessors do not see the logic of separate Units existing within IST that have a significant overlap in areas of research. We very strongly recommend that all Units consider amalgamation or a strategic alliance with a view to enhancing their international status.

We recognise that the Unit provides a good training programme as illustrated by the fact a student was recently awarded a Gulbenkian prize. Members of the Unit have also played a role in international scientific administration having served on FP5 and FP6 review panels and a wide variety of other such duties as journal refereeing. The Unit has also produced material of significant value to society.

We find that the level of internationalisation is very good and rate the Unit Very Good accordingly. This is a Unit which did high quality international research which lead to some contributions to the field. We advise that this Unit talk with others in IST as united they would represent a considerable force.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
This is a moderate-sized group of staff and other PhD level researchers. It is noted that the group, from 2007, has enhanced its focus.

Focus, Relevance and Feasibility of the Research Aims
The specific research focus is on groundwater and ecosystems on the one hand, water and waste reuse on the other hand. These are very topical research areas in the environmental Earth Science which would be expected to lead to significant contributions to knowledge and understanding at national level and significant contributions at international level. As major stake of the XXIst century is that of water resources, CVRM may play a significant role on the international level. This is evidenced by the substantial funding raised in the review period.

Productivity (including evidence of international levels of attainment)
For its size, the group has achieved a high level of productivity in terms of publications. A reasonable number of these are in peer-reviewed international journals. 4 recent post-Doctoral fellows will contribute to improvements in that productivity.

16 ongoing PhD and 13 ongoing MSc projects show that former results (4 completed PhD, 27 completed MSc) are comforted and make evidence the group provides an excellent research training environment.

Overall Perspective
The groups overall achievements have exceeded expectations with significant indication(s) of the impact and relevance of this work at international level. Future plans and objectives are well developed, and realistic and will lead to outcomes of international relevance and importance