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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Psicologia

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Centro de Estudos de Psicologia Cognitiva e da Aprendizagem [PSY-LVT-Lisboa-700] visitada em 03/01/2008

Classificação: Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This unit is clearly in the process of forming itself. There are several signs of this ongoing creation. Some of the presentations we heard did not correspond to the four lines of research that had been submitted to FCT. Because some persons were doing very good work and had international publications that did not appear in the submission proposal, we suggested they send us an up-dated list of publications. We received such a list but, in this list, the unit was presented with two lines of research (1. Psychology of emotions, with Américo Baptista, António Lopes, Patrícia Arriaga Ferreira and Pedro Gamito, 2. Cognitive and exceptional psychology with Carlos Poiares, Edgar Galindo, Edgar Pereira, Leonor Almeida, Paula Carneiro, Leonor Almeida and Sara Ibérico Nogueira).
When the unit presented itself, it said that they were working with two PhDs co-supervised by members of another university because they are not allowed give PhDs. Also, when the unit (not the groups) presented its productivity, it focused exclusively not on real publications, but on abstracts of congresses or meetings that they had (co)-organized.
There were five presentations (despite the fact that in the documentation submitted only four groups were identified). Some of the presentations were really poor, presenting for instance the data from a single piece of research). In these cases, also, the real publications (and not abstracts of congresses) were rare and none was international.
Despite the poor impression given by the unit as a whole, three outstanding persons struck the panel. Paula Carneiro has published in Child Development (the most prestigious journal in developmental psychology) and has worked on false memories. Pedro Gatimo has also published internationally and works on virtual reality eliciting emotions. Patrícia Arriaga Ferreira has also several international publications on video-game violence. The unanimous reaction of the panel was that these three persons could easily work together from both a theoretical and a practical point of view. They could readily form a strong and productive line of research. We would strongly encourage them to submit research projects to FCT to develop their potential.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Evolution of Human Behaviour [RG-PSY-LVT-Lisboa-700-2645]
Exceptional Psycholgy [RG-PSY-LVT-Lisboa-700-2641]
Psychology of Emotions [RG-PSY-LVT-Lisboa-700-2643]
Virtual reality exposure [RG-PSY-LVT-Lisboa-700-2640]