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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Matemática

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Centro de Investigação em Matemática e Aplicações - CIMA [MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117] visitada em 25/07/2008

Classificação: Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This is the only mathematics research unit South of Lisbon, and it is growing. In view of its geographical location the unit is searching for ways to participate in research geared toward bio-energy and agriculture.
There were 4 Research Groups in 2003-06 that have now been re-organized into
-- Differential Equations and Optimization (differential equations and
inclusions, calculus of variations, optimal control, numerical analysis) (DEO),
-- Dynamical Systems and Discrete Structures (dynamical systems, symbolic dynamics, group theory, symplectic and algebraic geometry, nonstandard analysis) (DSDS),
-- Stochastic and Statistical Applications in Life Sciences (stochastic processes, statistical modeling, multivariate analysis, mathematical biology, data analysis) (SSALS).
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Algebra, Geometry and Topology (AGT) [RG-X-MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117-614]
Differential Equations and Optimization (DEO) [RG-MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117-615]
This medium-sized group was constituted in 2007 from parts of former OCV and DS groups.
The publication list contains on one hand articles published in good quality international journals. On the other hand, the visibility of this group would be enhanced if some members chose more selectively the Conference Proceedings in which they publish, or the conferences to which they participate.

The group draws motivation from Environment, Seismology, Mechanics, etc. to develop research in non-smooth analysis, non-linear analysis, non-convex calculus of variations, inverse problems, compact operators, optimization, optimal control and design, boundary value problems for ODEs and PDEs, some numerical analysis, and multi-objective and combinatorial optimization.
The topics are interesting, but the common interests of this group are not clear, e.g there seems to be little interaction between combinatorial optimization and bvp. Also, the methods used in numerical analysis would gain by more diversity.
The outreach activities are quite good.
The level of funding is good.
Dynamical Systems (DS) [RG-X-MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117-602]
Dynamical Systems and Discrete Structures (DSDS) [RG-MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117-616]
This is a medium/large-sized group. Many members of the group hold a PhD from another university, either in Portugal or abroad. However, the group would gain by increasing mobility and communications, not only abroad, but also within the other departments of the university.
The majority of researchers work in some part of dynamics, but the rest are in quite different areas: nonstandard analysis, semigroup theory, logic, group theory, twistor theory,....
Some of the members of the group, especially in algebra and geometry, publish regularly in renowned specialized journals, sometimes with very good collaborators; their work appears to have a serious impact in their field.
But within this group, the research commitment as well as the levels of productivity and relevance is variable. Some research would gain relevance by sticking more closely to real-life applications and up-to-date models.
Thus, not all researchers in the group have yet attained a high international visibility.
Optimization and Calculus of Variations (OCV) [RG-X-MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117-609]
Stochastic and Statistical Applications in Life Sciences (SSALS) [RG-MATH-Alentejo-Evora-117-1418]
This is a diverse and active group that has made contributions in applied statistics and stochastic modeling, in the context of population biology and of biometrics, with an energetic leadership.
The problems studied are important to the regional economy. The group has high productivity. The publications are in good journals but not top journals, with the possible exception of the Journal of Theoretical Biology. The record of graduating students is fair.