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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Ciências da Saúde

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Centro de Metabolismo e Endocrinologia [HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7] visitada em 07/03/2008

Classificação: Fair

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This Unit is made up of eight groups. However, the Panel was presented with no evidence of a strong research structure. The laboratory in the IMM provided the centre of the Unit with the majority of the work taking place in other research laboratories or within the IMM (cancer, oxidative stress and physical exercise). This Unit was responsible for 10 PhDs (8 science, 2 MDs), a pattern that is recognised as positive by the Panel. However, the absence of formal systems of managing PhD students was regretted. Nonetheless the students were very positive about the support given by Prof Bicho.

Whilst some papers in international journals were evident, the impact of these journals was relatively low within the Unit’s research field (with the exception of only one paper in J Biol Chem. that has a main foreign address) and the contributions of the members of the Unit at best appeared modest. Some international collaboration were recognised by the Panel, as reflected in the paper mentioned above, but while the Unit might score “good” at the national level, it can not be considered internationally competitive. The individual groups ranged in quality (the porphyrin/ dermatology group: Lisboa-7-1801 Photooxidative and other redox stress, appeared to be the best) but none demonstrated clear evidence of major international potential. Thus the Unit as a whole was scored fair, while the group Lisboa-7-1801 Photooxidative and other redox stress scored good.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Endocrine and associated redox response to controlled physical exercise [RG-X-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1799]
Endocrine and metabolic variation in the ageing cardiovascular system [RG-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1803]
Endocrine and metabolic variation of osteoporosis and sexual and other hormone dependent cancers [RG-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1804]
Endocrinology and metabolic biomarkers of adult cardiovascular diseases in young ages [RG-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1807]
Endocrinology, metabolism and genetics of behaviour disorders [RG-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1805]
Endocrinology, metabolism and genetics of liver diseases [RG-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1806]
Genetic variation and oxidative stress in advanced cancer [RG-X-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1800]
Photooxidative and other redox stress - new targets and drugs [RG-HESC-LVT-Lisboa-7-1801]