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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Ciências e Politicas da Educação

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Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos Educacionais [EDU-LVT-Lisboa-446] visitada em 05/12/2007

Classificação: Fair


Na sequência da publicação em Dezembro de 2008 da classificação que lhe foi atribuída pela FCT sob recomendação do painel de avaliação, esta unidade apresentou reclamação e solicitou à FCT uma nova avaliação. Embora não estivessem reunidas as condições necessárias, expressas no ponto 4 do art. 9º do Regulamento do Financiamento Plurianual, a FCT decidiu promover nova avaliação por um painel distinto, uma vez que das 15 unidades da área científica de Ciências e Políticas da Educação para além desta unidade outras 11 apresentaram igualmente reclamação e solicitaram nova avaliação. A classificação acima, que já foi superiormente homologada, é a que resultou desta nova avaliação, em que das 12 unidades envolvidas 2 viram a sua classificação subir de Muito Bom para Excelente, 1 viu a sua classificação subir de Bom para Muito Bom, e 2 viram a sua classificação subir de Regular para Bom.

Os comentários do painel original e os respectivos comentários da unidade são apresentados a seguir a esta secção relativa à reapreciação.

Comentários do Painel de reapreciação

This unit presents a lively research context that is clearly on a developmental curve. Given the institution’s history and different teaching requirements, this is commendable. However, within the current assessment framework, it is not possible to take these factors into account in reaching a judgment. At this stage therefore we would confirm the Evaluation Panel’s original judgments and their comments at the group and unit level.

NB Because of a potential conflict of interest, Professor Terezinha Nunes did not take part in the discussion of this unit.

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This Unit consists of three research groups that vary in terms of PhD researchers from 7 (research group 446-2953) to 19 (research group 446-2951).
The main weakness of the unit is the publication record in peer-reviewed international research journals. In this respect the performance of research groups 446-2953 and 446-2954 falls below the threshold. Interestingly, the big research group 446-2951 shows a much better performace in this respect.
The same pattern results for the criteria of relevance and feasibility of their research projects: research groups 446-2953 and 446-2954 achieve the base line but group 446-2951 has a better performance.
Finally, concerning the criterion of training of new researchers it was considered that group 446-2954 attain just the base line.
Summarising, the Unit consists of groups with weak publication records in peer-reviewed international research journals (with the exception of group 446-2951) and weak records of training of new researchers.
The panel recommends that:
1. Peer-reviewed international research journals (not only in Portuguese language) should be the focus for publications.
2. The previous recommendation goes in line with the need for more international networking activities that could possibly lead in joint international publications.
3. The research objectives of the research groups should be restated in a more realistic and faithful to their current activities way.
4. New routines for the support of research students should be established within the Unit so as to improve the rate of PhD completion. For this reason, know-how can be transferred by other research groups, successful in this domain.
5. Research students should be provided with incentives and support so to use a variety of methodological approaches, including quantitative methods.
Final assessment of Unit: Fair.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Group 1 - Teacher Education, Supervision and Curriculum (TESC) [RG-EDU-LVT-Lisboa-446-2951]
The Centre has wide and ambitious aims but most of the international publications appear to be limited to the specific area of Early Childhood Education
Group 2 - History of Education, Educational Policies and School Organisation (HEEPSO) [RG-EDU-LVT-Lisboa-446-2953]
The team has identified an important and worthwhile set of research issues but they have yet to be significantly expressed in international publications. The report indicates worthwhile but unfulfilled promises; this may be a result of limited human resources.
Group 3 - Development, Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) [RG-EDU-LVT-Lisboa-446-2954]
This report indicates rather limited developments in research which appear to be largely the work of the Principal Investigator. There is not much evidence of recent international activities and their recognition in publications.