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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Engenharia Civil

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Instituto de Engenharia de Estruturas, Território e Construção - ICIST [CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76] visitada em 26/11/2007

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This is a large and successful unit. Each of its research groups is good and some are very good. There are no obvious weaknesses. The fact that it aims to, and is able to, collaborate actively with other strong groups within IST works further to its advantage.
There is a good sense of top-down strategic planning, with attention paid to important contextual indicators such as the shape of the EU FP7 programme and perceived needs of the construction industry as a whole. There is a continuing strategic focus on publication and international co-operation which is reflected in the records of each of its research groups.
There is particularly strong evidence in most of the research groups of active engagement in organising and participating in international congresses.
The level of research funds earned is strong, but there is also active collaboration with industry and public sector partners. For example, the Information Systems group has substantial applied experience, with a number of governmental contracts. There is a record of achieving significant technical advances in some areas.
The production of PhDs is relatively low, but it is understood that there are difficulties in attracting and funding PhD students. Nonetheless the record of completions is adequate, the students seem content with the support they get and there is a good degree of international opportunity available to them within their study programmes.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Architecture [RG-CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76-2431]
Earthquake Engineering and Seismology [RG-CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76-911]
Information and Design Support Systems [RG-CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76-917]
Mechanics, Modeling and Analysis of Structures [RG-CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76-2968]
Structural Design and Geotechnics [RG-CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76-2958]
Studies on Construction [RG-CIVE-LVT-Lisboa-76-915]