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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Engenharia Mecânica

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AeroG - Aeronautics and Astronautics Research Center [MECH-Centro-Covilha-4034] visitada em 05/03/2008

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This is a unit of 4 researchers which currently supervises 3 Ph.D. and 7 Masters Students. The research is in the general field of aerospace engineering and is rather diverse: jet engine fuel consumption reduction, vertical and short take-off and landing (VSTOL), and uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The productivity of this unit has been very good: 11 journal papers were published in a four-year period (2.8 per researcher), all of them in international journals. Only two entries state impact factors, which are considered solid for aeronautical journals: 0.97 and 1.1. Ten other papers were listed, corresponding to international conferences.
Based on the information provided, only one journal paper was cited. The researchers have been involved in the organization of one annual international conference in Moscow, Russia, as well as one biannual national conference. A number of European collaborations are mentioned. The PI is the associate editor of an international journal and associate fellow of the AIAA. The unit has solid funding from a variety of projects and sources.
The unit graduated 9 Masters and 6 Ph.D. students.
This unit is unique as it is one of only two aerospace departments in Portugal. The teaching and experimental facilities are truly impressive and the training has been excellent.
Since the preliminary report, the number of PhDs in this unit increased from 4 to 7. The additional PhDs are all former PhD students from the unit. Since the preliminary assessment, the unit has published 6 additional papers in international journals and 14 more papers in international conference proceedings, which demonstrates the growth rate this unit is currently undergoing.
The research projects are diverse but are all relevant to aerospace engineering and align themselves naturally with each of the researcher’s area of competence. The overall research program is very well defined and is relevant in the context of the international aerospace research community. In particular, this unit’s research on VSTOL flight and optimal control has international visibility.
The only factor that prevented this unit from receiving a 4.0 rating was the number of publications and corresponding citations. However, this group is growing rapidly and we believe that it shows great potential.
One of the researchers who recently joined the group adds expertise in multidisciplinary optimization of aircraft configurations, which is currently a very relevant topic in the international aerospace research community.
The unit intends to join an associate laboratory in the future. We expect that the unit should be able to accomplish this goal.
Sobre os grupos de investigação
Aeronautics Group [RG-MECH-Centro-Covilha-4034-156]