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Resultado da avaliação 2007 na área de Economia e Gestão

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Centro de Estudos em Economia Aplicada do Atlântico (CEEAplA) [ECO-Acores-PontaDelgada-685] visitada em 26/03/2008

Classificação: Very Good

Comentários do painel de avaliação
Sobre a unidade
This relatively small and young unit consists of three research groups. The unit has clear aims (on paper!), a strong composition of its steering committee and a transparent scheme that allocates funds (not time yet!) on the basis of individual scientific outputs. The researchers are relatively young. The number of publications is growing steeply in the past two years.

The three research groups are quite heterogeneous. The Statistics and Operations Management group has a good output record in terms of quantity and quality. The researchers publish in B- and C-ranked journals. The group in Labour Economics also publishes in B-ranked and C-ranked journals and is probably one of the best groups in this area in Portugal. The scientific output of the International Business group, however, is very weak. It only publishes in journals with a very low ranking (according to the FIISEG-list).

There is no PhD-programme. Supervisors have PhD’s from well-known universities (many outside Portugal).

There are positive points in this unit, such as the level of publications of the better research groups, or the quite large spectrum of international origins of the PhD researchers and the related will to develop the unit on clearly international lines. Also, the unit members have relatively much time for research (50% in average) which may be due to an efficient educational system.

However, the unit targets seemed to be loosely defined and the incentive rules not strict enough. Neither are the rules to become a member of a group (possibly because the unit depends upon two universities that are situated far apart). There are also objective obstacles to an autonomous development. Because of its geographical situation, in two separate islands in the middle of the Atlantic, the unit cannot ignore the local demand as concerns the themes of its research.

It has been suggested to look for cooperation with universities at the Canary Islands (Tenerife).

Given that the university offers a MBA-programme, researchers should be attracted to perform research in areas such as finance, marketing, management and accounting.

Leadership could be improved. The initial report gave a better impression of the Unit than the visit itself, with a relatively disappointing presentation and discussion.

Sobre os grupos de investigação
International Business [RG-ECO-Acores-PontaDelgada-685-2121]
Labour Economics [RG-ECO-Madeira-Funchal-685-1184]
Statistics and Operations Management [RG-ECO-Acores-PontaDelgada-685-2122]