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  • Updated on 06/02/2017

R&D Institutions

2017 Team update for R&D Units


  • Portal: FCT-SIG
  • Link: Atualização da equipa
  • Credentials: Da unidade



  • Updates should be performed between 7 February and 16 March 2017

Reference date for team make-up

  • 31 December 2016


  • Department of R&D Units by e-mail

The update of teams of FCT-funded R&D Units aims to gather the necessary information for the management of the funding awarded, and to provide statistical data for DGEEC, the direction of statistics for Education and Science.

Research Unit Coordinators/Directors should confirm the team make-up using the reference date of 31 December 2016.

For further information, please contact the Department of R&D Units, through the e-mail

Note: This update is not a part of the upcoming R&D Unit Evaluation.

Past Team Updates


In 2015, a single list per R&D Unit was required, encompassing: PhD holders, non-PhD holders and technical and administrative team members.

The reference date for description of the team make-up was 2 November 2015.

Team updates were submitted until 29 January 2016 (5pm, Lisbon time).

Team updates were carried out online by the Coordinator/Director of the unit, using the FCT-SIG website.

For further information on the 2015 team update, please contact the Department of R&D Units by e-mail.