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Applications Name Deadline
OPEN Call for proposals of bilateral cooperation between Portugal and Serbia 05-07-2019
OPEN 1st Call for joint project proposals between Portugal and Macau 26-07-2019
OPEN Call for SR&TD projects for promotion of R&D activities in the Côa Valley region - 2019 31-07-2019
OPEN Call for joint transnational proposals under the JPI CH "Conservation Protection and Use of Cultural Heritage" 03-09-2019
OPEN L’Oréal Portugal Medals of Honor for Women in Science 2019 16-09-2019
OPEN Call for the Blue Bioeconomy ERA-NET Cofund 17-09-2019
OPEN Prémio Pulido Valente Ciência 2019 30-09-2019
OPEN 2nd call for joint projects FCT and Aga Khan Development Network (applications until 30 September) 30-09-2019
OPEN Announcement: European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) 2019 Calls for Proposals 30-10-2019
OPEN Sabbatical Leave Grants -
OPEN Call for the Award of the Collaborative Laboratory Title (CoLAB) -
CLOSED Open call – JPI Climate & JPI Oceans: “Next Generation Climate Science in Europe for Oceans” 14-06-2019
CLOSED Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects in the scope of Álvaro Siza Vieira Architecture - 2019 16-05-2019
CLOSED ECSEL calls 2019 - electronic components and cyber-physical systems 07-05-2019
CLOSED Award 2019 03-05-2019
CLOSED CYTED - Convocatória para apresentação de Redes Temáticas 25-04-2019
CLOSED Call for R&D Projects on the Occasion of the Celebrations of the V Centenary of the Circumnavigation Voyage - 2019 17-04-2019
CLOSED Call for Projects of Scientific Research and Technological Development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration - 2019 16-04-2019
CLOSED Ocean Energy ERA-NET Cofund - 2019 Joint Transnational Call 05-04-2019
CLOSED Call: "Knowledge Hub Europeu sob o tema “Nutrição e Segurança Alimentar" 04-04-2019
CLOSED 2019 Call for PhD Scholarships 29-03-2019
CLOSED Call for the Blue Bioeconomy ERA-NET Cofund (pre-proposals) 17-03-2019
CLOSED JPND call for multinational research projects on personalised medicine for neurodegenerative diseases 12-03-2019
CLOSED "Section 1" PRIMA Calls for Proposals: Pre-proposals 28-02-2019
CLOSED JPI Oceans Joint Call for Proposals on Microplastics in the Marine Environment 28-02-2019
CLOSED Call for R&D Projects in the framework of Prevent and Fight Forest Fires – 2018 26-02-2019
CLOSED "Section 2" PRIMA Calls for Proposals: Pre-proposals 21-02-2019
CLOSED Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2018 20-02-2019
CLOSED Call for Proposals in Quantum Technologies (QuantERA) 18-02-2019
CLOSED EJP RD - Join Transnational Call for research projects in Rare Diseases 15-02-2019
CLOSED Applications for the Fernando Gil 2019 International Prize in Philosophy of Science 15-02-2019
CLOSED Fulbright research fellowships, with the support of FCT - 2019/2020 31-01-2019
CLOSED ERA-MIN Joint Call 2018 for transnational collaborative projects - Raw Materials for Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy 31-01-2019
CLOSED 2018 Call for Internships at NASA 21-01-2019
CLOSED ICPerMed: "Best Practice in Personalised Medicine" Recognition 2019 21-01-2019
CLOSED Call for the second edition of the 'la Caixa' Foundation Projects 15-01-2019
CLOSED 1st Call for joint project proposals between Portugal - Israel (2019-2021) 10-01-2019