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Information Society

The Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) coordinates public policies for the Information and Knowledge Society since March 2012, in Portugal, succeeding the public institute UMIC – Knowledge Society Agency.

In this regard, it is FCT’s mission to:

  • Raise awareness of and engage stakeholders in Information Society public policies, through dissemination, research and training activities;
  • Encourage the development of e-Science, by promoting the creation of knowledge and the scientific and technological development of businesses and R&D national institutions;
  • Promote cooperation with foreign organisations, namely within the European Union and Portuguese-speaking countries.

This mission is achieved by promoting activities at national, regional and local level, in the following areas:

  • Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies):
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Cybersecurity and Risk Management
    • Open Access and eScience
  • Inclusion, Accessibility and Digital Literacy
    • Inclusion and Digital Literacy
    • Safer Internet Centre
    • ICT and Society Network
    • National Strategy for Inclusion and Digital Literacy
  • eSkills
    • Portuguese Coalition for Digital Jobs
    • Campaign eSkills for jobs
  • International Policy - Provide support for the internationalisation of science and technology activities in e-Science, as well as for the development of international Information Society policies, at the level of European Union and international organisations
  • Internet Governance
  • Maintain the Portuguese Initiative for Internet Governance (previously referred as Forum for Information Society), to promote multi-stakeholder consultation on the development of public policies
  • Monitor and promote the Digital Agenda for Portugal, the Digital Agenda for Europe and the Digital Single Market